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Are You Moving to Dorset from London? – We Can Help: Part Two

Posted on September 28, 2021 by Shaun Vallance
Are You Moving to Dorset from London? – We Can Help: Part Two

When it comes to significant shifts in the housing market, there tends to be one primary driver that dictates its direction. Interestingly, you would be hard pushed to say what major event is behind the recent surge in people buying properties outside of London. The pandemic will undoubtedly take most of the accolades, but Brexit is another reason why some people are leaving the capital.

However, we believe that a cultural shift in two things might be just as relevant when evaluating this situation. They both related to the lockdown but for slightly different reasons. Remote working now means you no longer need to spend all your time in the office. And because many are working from home, the need for better living conditions is why thousands are moving to more rural settings. That’s why we’re adding more context to our previous blog about people relocating from London to Dorset.

An In-Depth Look at Relocating from London –

In our previous blog on this subject, we went through some important information to consider when moving from London. These include the best areas to scout, choosing a removals service and many more. You can read it here in full, and it serves up some valuable knowledge about the process. We’re now going to go through more information about the service we offer for people relocating from the capital.

Woods Removals works with a collective of elite movers and storage providers. We’ll discuss why this puts you in a better position for long-distance relocations to other cities or parts of the UK. It’s also necessary to have a way of guiding the relocation that’s simple yet effective. That’s where a thorough moving checklist becomes handy.

Then we’ll go through some tips for making every day before the move count and understanding how to have a set idea about the timeline. Additionally, you’ll learn why it’s crucial to work with a reputable moving company and how it can solve several potential issues. The primary goal is to set you on the right path towards a successful relocation. And we can take care of some of the preparation tasks for you.

The Advantages of a Master Removers Group Relocation –

Woods Removals is one of Dorset’s top removals and storage providers for household and business customers. Due to our local reputation, we were given the opportunity to become a member of the Master Removers Group. This elite network of removals, storage and logistics companies are in strategic locations around the UK and Ireland. This means we’re able to offer the same high level of customer service nationwide.

Becoming a Master Removers Group member is not an easy task. It’s part of the invitation criteria to have a proven track record of customer satisfaction and excellent service delivery. This high standard is the bare minimum every member company must adhere to. And this is what makes this network of companies stand out from the crowd. Excellence is the foundation of the Master Removers Group, and achieving a successful relocation is what every company strives for.

The Master Remover Group links together to form a strategic route for national and European removals jobs. This gives us the ability to use each other’s removal depots and storage warehouses. It also means we have associate companies available to assist with complicated relocations. In some situations, it’s necessary to have a local moving provider there when unloading.

High-Quality Removals Providers at Both Locations –

Master Removers Group affiliation isn’t just a nod to our credentials or to show off. It’s the network side of things and the ability to control every aspect of the relocation. An example would be using a moving company based in one area. They might have no issues with collecting but are unlikely to know anything about the location you’re moving to.

That’s the beauty of having access to this network of high-quality removals, storage, and distribution companies. We can connect with providers at both ends when necessary, making it possible to scale up or take on complicated jobs. It’s also essential for sharing best practices, pooling information or problem-solving.

Efficiency is a key ingredient to how we operate, and it’s also why we’re able to keep our running costs to a minimum, passing any savings to our customers. And if we need to, we’ll utilise the ability to have teams available. The main takeaway here is that we have more outreach and tools at our disposal. It makes it possible to cater to any requirement.

Efficiency Makes Value for Money Possible –

People wonder how we’re able to provide a value for money range of services that attain a high standard of customer service. In most circumstances, it’s service delivery at a premium or cheap packages without guaranteeing quality. It’s a simple concept but not easy to deliver; it’s providing an efficient removals service.

It all begins with how we assess each removal or storage inquietly. We know precisely what questions to ask when someone contacts us. From there, we perform a thorough and accurate assessment. If there are any areas we need to investigate before producing a quotation, we’ll arrange a home or office visit. This typically covers things like parking restrictions and access issues.

We plan everything in consummate detail that leads directly from the assessment stage. From here, we’ll put together a strategy that includes the type of removal’s vehicle and the number of crew members. Everyone that works for Woods Removals has years of trade experience and are highly skilled in handling and packing. We’ll then refer to any notes from onsite visits from our assessors for the moving day.

By going into this level of detail, there’s no waste or delay. We prepare thoroughly, with an eye for detail to identify any potential issues. You might not think of this, but many moving companies forget to check local traffic reports and don’t factor in peak congestion times. We do this because it directly influences our arrival and completion times. And this is vitally important for London to Dorset relocations, where many potential hotspots cause delays.

The Importance of a Moving Checklist – Including Unpacking –

We often get general questions around common mistakes that people make when moving. While there are many examples we could lead with, a lot of issues start from a forgotten task. Luckily, it’s an easy remedy in most cases, and there won’t be a domino effect. But the occasional one will cause a ripple effect that eventually results in delays.

The good news is there’s a straightforward method to where you can avoid this, and that’s by using a moving checklist. The list acts as your central document that ties everything together, and it contains every task you need to complete. You’ll refer to it through your relocation, and we suggest coupling it with a blank calendar to set out deadlines. Click here to read an example of a moving checklist and adapt it to include any specific notes for your upcoming move.

There’s essentially two main parts of a moving checklist. The first is the preparation side of things that covers the build-up to the moving day. And the second is all about after you move in and start unpacking. The latter is just as essential, and people often forget to pay enough attention to. Luckily, by working with us, you receive prompts and reminders from us to ensure you don’t’ skip or miss anything.

Woods Removals – Your Dedicated London to Dorset Moving Experts –

At Woods Removals, we know that it’s vital to build close working relationships with our customers. This is how we design our removals and storage packages. We listen to feedback to provide a range of services that cover as many situations as possible. That’s why we always have repeat customers who often recommend us to family and friends.

Customer service is our number one priority, and it motivates everything we do. Our team has expert-level knowledge of the area. They plan every relocation job using the best times to avoid any traffic. We know every route to ensure that we provide the most efficient and professional removals service available. We rely on word-of-mouth referrals, and people often use us after a family member or friend recommend us.

Finding a high standard of service is now easier than ever. Click here to request a free quote from Dorset’s favourite removals provider.