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Buy Local to Support Businesses in Dorset

Posted on July 28, 2021 by Shaun Vallance
Buy Local to Support Businesses in Dorset

Dorset is one of the most popular places for people to relocate to in the UK. It attracts tens of thousands of visitors every year who flock to various parts of our beautiful county for its warm weather and scenic surroundings. Many villages and towns in Dorset feature in the best places to live in the UK polls every year.

One of the things that stand out for people who move here is the sense of community and focus on helping local businesses. There is a firm belief that buying local produce helps everyone and contributes to why Dorset is a popular place to visit and live. It’s possible to diversify your spending habits and improve your local community at the same time, and we’ll give you some pointers in this article.

Building Community Ties in Dorset –

As a collective society, the way we shop has been changing drastically over the last decade. E-commerce and online shopping have put more power in the hands of the consumer. You can buy whatever you want with a few clicks of a mouse. And give or take a few days, it’ll arrive at your door in perfect condition (touch wood).

There are lots of advantages to this, especially as it could limit overproduction and stock sitting around. Unfortunately, the traditional high street experience is unlikely to remain in its current form. But there’s a balance to strike somewhere that doesn’t leave smaller retail outlets out in the cold. It’s possible to achieve this without having to overextend our household budget.

If you have a favourite business, support them and champion them to your family and friends. Share their posts if they have a sale or other marketing. When you need something, price things out to see if it’s possible to purchase locally. It’s possible to balance things out to include small and medium businesses when you make weekly or monthly purchases.

The Advantages of Buying Local –

We live in an era where we can shop every day of the week and often without visiting a store. If we are looking for a jacket in America or a vase from China, we can order it, and it will arrive within a week. It’s an exciting time that’s dominated by larger outlet companies that trade all over the world. This can sometimes harm local businesses that struggle to compete with chain stores.

One of the advantages of buying local is the quality is usually much better. Not only that, you’re contributing to your town or city’s economy, which is a vital part of growth and sustainability. If everyone buys from small businesses as well as the larger supermarkets, then it helps employment. And one of the signs of a prosperous area is low levels of unemployment and opportunities for everyone to succeed.

Thinking locally doesn’t have to be insular or prevent you from buying from larger corporations. You can vary your shopping traits to include both, especially if you’re a keen bargain hunter. And with the recent pandemic still causing economic issues, local SMEs need your help. Buying local might be the fastest way to uplift your village, town, or city. It will also make a significant impact on the bounce back from the Covid-19 lockdowns.

Other Benefits When Using Local Businesses – 

Another advantage of using a local business instead of a chain store is the quality of service. If you buy a laptop from a local trader, you’ll be able to speak directly to them if there are any issues. However, if you buy the same item from a more prominent retailer, you might have to talk to their call centre rather than speaking to the person who sold you the goods. Then you have to send the computer off for checks and repairs, which leaves you without a laptop for a couple of weeks. You pay less, but you can’t settle the issue by talking to the person you bought it off, which can be frustrating.

Buying local produce from your butcher or local market can also offer a higher quality of food. It’s not always possible to work out the quality of meat from a supermarket. They add water and other preservatives to increase shelf life, as well as colourants and spices. Although safe to consume, it does lower the quality of the meat. If you buy your produce from a local butcher, the animals are locally sourced.

Local produce isn’t subject to the same long-distance distribution as bigger supermarkets, and food preservatives may not factor as much. That means an improvement for your diet due to reducing sodium and e-numbers. It not only makes sense to buy locally to improve your community, but the quality of the products is also usually much higher.

How Local Businesses Can Save by Using Self Storage –

While we’re on the theme of all things local – there’s a way for businesses to trim costs. Woods Removals works with traders from all corners of Dorset’s business community. For most, it’s a welcome reprieve from costly commercial rental rates. An affordable way to have a dedicated place for equipment or goods without having to overextend your outgoings.

It’s also an excellent option for start-ups who need alternative workspaces and can’t afford commercial rental costs. Just put in a desk and computer, a filing cabinet, and you have a no-frills office in a storage unit. Many local e-commerce companies do this and split their unit into sections. They store their goods on one side and admin stuff on the other.

The thing to remember is, there’s always a use for storage, and it has numerous benefits. Households can create more space by renting a storage unit. Small companies have more room for their products and tools. Everyone enjoys the additional security and flexibility storage offers, while they enjoy less clutter in their homes and workplaces.

No Need for a Vehicle – Man & Van for Collections and Deliveries –

Here’s another service we offer that works for various scenarios, both for businesses and households. We’ll add a few examples to show you how a man & van package removes the need for a large vehicle. If you ever need to collect or deliver something where you need a van, contact us. Woods Removals works with domestic and companies where access to a vehicle is limited.

For any local traders, we can undertake all your regional commercial distribution and other needs. Our drivers update after every successful drop or pickup, which courier companies don’t have time for. You’ll enjoy the expertise that comes along with working with expert packers and handlers. Moreover, we apply the highest standard of customer care and service delivery.

And, of course, this is the most cost-effective and efficient means for anyone who’s moving. You can also use it for things like deliveries of art or furniture from stores or galleries. Are you thinking of starting a new business? Don’t bother outlaying the costs of buying or leasing a car or van. By using a man with a van service, you’ll enjoy the same benefits at a fraction of the cost.

Woods Removals – Proud Members of the Dorset Community –

At Woods Removals, we understand the importance of using local businesses because that’s what we are. We’re proud to have been moving people in Dorset for over one hundred and forty years. One of the positive things that our customers get is the best prices on today’s market. It’s cheaper to book with us even for people moving from other areas if you’re relocating to Dorset.

The Woods team have expert-level knowledge of the area. We plan every relocation job using the best times to avoid any traffic. We know every route to ensure that we provide the most efficient and professional removals service. Like any successful company, we rely on positive feedback and word of mouth referrals from our clients. The only way we can achieve that is by providing the best customer service possible.

Woods Removals is a part of the Dorset community, and we enjoy working with local businesses. We subscribe to the buy local ethos and initiatives because it produces a higher quality of products. If you want to talk about your next relocation or you just want more information about Dorset, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at any time.

To speak to us about our local and national removals services – click here. We’ll assess your needs and put together a free quote, including the most suitable removals or storage package.