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Buying a House to Renovate in Dorset

Posted on August 14, 2023 by Shaun Vallance
Buying a House to Renovate in Dorset

For many people, moving into a larger house is beyond their means. Even if we scrimp and put away money for several years, it’s beyond our reach. For people who have young families, this can mean cramping everyone into a smaller living space. This is also true for first-time buyers struggling to break free from the rental cycle.

Although this may mean that the traditional route of purchasing a house is off the table, it doesn’t mean there are no other options. For people willing to put some work in, buying a property at a much lower asking price at auction to develop is possible. While this isn’t for those faint of heart, it’s a viable alternative for people who want a more substantial home.


  • Top Tips for Renovating a House in Dorset
  • Enhancing Curb Appeal: Exterior Renovation Tips
  • Things to Be Mindful of When Searching for Potential Properties
  • Renovation Mistakes to Avoid: Lessons from Experience
  • DIY vs Hiring Professionals: Pros and Cons
  • Budgeting and Financing Your Renovation Project
  • Incorporating Smart Home Technology in Renovations
  • Sustainable Renovations: Eco-Friendly Upgrades for Homes
  • Woods Removals – Helping People with Home Renovations in Dorset

 Top Tips for Renovating a House in Dorset

Before renovating your house, you must create as much space as possible. It isn’t easy to work if you try to keep your possessions in the rooms you’re working on. And it can become tiresome to move everything into a different room constantly. The best way to do this is to use storage for the period of your renovations.

Cleaning and decluttering need your attention before you pick up your tools or paintbrush. You need to clean your home, from top to bottom, thoroughly. If you need more time to do this correctly, hiring a professional cleaning company to make your house or apartment spotless is worth it.

As part of your preparation, you should also repair any wall damage. It’s the ideal opportunity to fill in those unsightly holes. And if the gaps are too significant to repair with wall filler, you’ll need to consider hiring a plasterer.

You can repair and improve wooden surfaces with an orbital sander for minor dents and marks. If the wooden surfaces are too run-down or rotten, you must replace them. After you finish sanding or repairing, a coat or two of varnish will keep them in decent condition.

Depending on what level of work you plan on doing, you can determine what colour paint you want for each room. Doing a thorough renovation, you must leave this step until you complete major construction work. A lick of paint in each room will add a finishing touch to your project. Instead of buying new carpets, a professional cleaning company can revamp your carpets.

Work with someone with site management skills if undertaking a significant renovation. You will also need to seek planning permission from your local authority.

Enhancing Curb Appeal: Exterior Renovation Tips

Enhancing the curb appeal of your home matters a lot. It’s about how your place looks from the outside, hitting the property value and those initial vibes. Exterior renovations? They’re like a breath of fresh air for your home. Imagine that. Things looking new, fresh, alive.

So, let’s talk outdoor spaces – gardens, yards, that kind of stuff. Making them cosy and inviting is key. Think plants, flowers, outdoor chairs – the identity of the house. They increase your curb appeal significantly. And painting? Yep, that’s a game-changer. Slap on some new paint and your place will shine again. Pick colours that match the scene around you.

Additionally, don’t wait to start repairs. Fix those little issues as a priority. That’s how you keep the place solid. This will prevent bigger problems down the road. It’s about keeping things neat and looking sharp. That’s what bumps up the curb appeal, and that’s what makes people go, “Wow, nice place.”

Things to Be Mindful of When Searching for Potential Properties

Auction houses are the usual way to get cheaper properties—still, the property’s issues sometimes need to be clarified. You should contact the auction house before you attend to see what details are available for each property. Although you stand to land an excellent deal for a house to fix up, you might find major flaws later.

You should also consider getting an estate agent to take your criteria and contact you if anything becomes available. Sometimes, people are looking for a quick sale and are willing to reduce the asking prices significantly to achieve this. It will be easier to check for any major problems by doing this.

Some fundamental research is needed. You’ll need to visit places you think have suitable development properties. If you see dilapidated buildings that might work for your project, you can get the details from the local authority. They usually include the property owner; you can contact them to see the property status.

Even though you’re technically buying a run-down building to fix up, some aspects might cause a severe cash flow problem. Things like faulty wiring, extensive damage to the central water, sewage, gas pipes, and sinking foundations represent massive costs. Make sure you understand this before you buy.

Renovation Mistakes to Avoid: Lessons from Experience

When renovating, there’s gold in avoiding others’ blunders. The renovation’s no smooth ride, no sir. Here’s a neat list to steer clear of the stormy seas:

  • Improper Planning and Research: Do your homework before taking the sledgehammer to the wall. Half-baked plans mean half-baked results.
  • Underestimating Time and Budget: Time’s a trickster, and budgets shrink faster than ice on a hot day. Prepare for delays and costs that tag along uninvited.
  • Skipping Professional Inspections: Eyes of a pro see what you don’t. Are you skipping inspections? Well, that’s like sailing blindfolded into a storm.
  • Lack of Flexibility: Expect curveballs. They’ll come, and if you’re stiff as a board, they’ll knock you down. Stay bendy, adapt, and sail through.

Remember, every flipside’s a lesson. Learn from these hiccups, and your renovation ship will sail smoother.

DIY vs Hiring Professionals: Pros and Cons

Choosing DIY and hiring professionals is significant when embarking on a renovation journey. Let’s delve into the heart of the matter:

  • Opting for DIY carries a certain allure. It can lead to cost savings, offer hands-on engagement, and provide an avenue for skill acquisition.

But hold on, and it could be smoother sailing. Time is your currency, and errors might become unwelcome companions. DIY can amplify mistakes, and professional expertise is often out of reach.

  • Turning to the professionals, however, unveils a world of possibilities.

Their seasoned expertise can be like a magic wand for your project. They possess streamlined timelines and wield specialized tools with finesse. However, this expertise comes at a cost – sometimes a hefty one. While they bring precision, potential communication hurdles may arise in the mix.

  • How do you choose? Assess your project’s complexity with care.

Gauge its size and intricacies. And here’s a gem of advice: consider hybrid solutions. Blend the best of both worlds. Engage in DIY for certain aspects while leaning on professionals for specialized tasks.

And here’s a nifty trick – the “man & van” service can be your trusty sidekick. They aid in material transport, linking with storage to safeguard your resources off-site.

Budgeting and Financing Your Renovation Project

Before embarking on a renovation project, navigating the financial landscape is paramount. The cornerstone? Budgeting. The guiding star ensures your project’s financial ship stays on course. Oh, and let’s not forget the surprise guests – those hidden costs that can unexpectedly pop up, demanding attention.

Crafting a budget is akin to assembling a puzzle. Begin by assessing the project’s scope, setting clear priorities, and meticulously dissecting costs: materials, labour, permits – the whole enchilada. Now, about those hidden costs. Be prepared for unforeseen expenses like permits and structural surprises. This is where your budget’s buffer becomes the hero, ready to tackle the unexpected easily.

Financing options await – loans stand ready to offer a helping hand. Home improvement loans and personal loans are part of the equation. There are government-backed housing schemes, so research to see if you qualify. And let’s reevaluate your financial stronghold – personal savings—a formidable ally in funding your project.

And here’s a gem of wisdom: amplify your cost-efficiency with removals and storage services. It’s a strategic move in this intricate dance of renovation economics. 

Incorporating Smart Home Technology in Renovations

The buzz around smart homes? It’s real. Convenience is at the forefront, and folks are hooked. But wait, there’s more – it’s not just about cool gadgets. Smart tech? It’s a game-changer for boosting your property’s value and allure.

Let’s dive into the smart home arena. Smart thermostats, lighting that dance to your tune, and security systems that wink at you – they’re the stars. And home automation? It’s like a magic wand, all controlled by your voice. Fancy, right?

But here’s the trick – blending tech with aesthetics. You want gadgets that don’t stick out like a sore thumb. Think harmony. And hey, user-friendliness matters. No one likes a device more complex to understand than a cryptic riddle. So, keep it sleek, keep it simple. Plan it right, and those tech upgrades will glide into your renovated space as they’ve always belonged there.

Sustainable Renovations: Eco-Friendly Upgrades for Homes

Sustainable renovations aren’t just a trend; they’re a movement. And why? People are tuning in to the eco-friendly symphony for their planet and wallets. But here’s the icing on the cake: your property’s value gets a green boost, too.

Your energy-efficient upgrades can have various benefits. Think fortified insulation and windows that champion energy retention – all to trim your energy bills. And let’s not forget the stars of the show – energy-efficient appliances and lighting. They’re kind to nature and gentle on your finances, too.

Water conservation steps in next. Low-flow fixtures – faucets, toilets, showers – are the heroes here. They let water stay put, minimizing wastage. But there’s more magic – rainwater. Capture it; you’ve got a double win: slashing your water bills and embracing sustainability. And hey, landscaping? Choose wisely, go easy on the water, and let your outdoor space flourish.

Finally, let’s consider your choice of building materials. The name of the game is to recycle and reuse. Opt for sustainable, renewable materials in your construction and finishes. It’s a nod to the environment and the value of your home. Sustainable renovations aren’t just a choice – they’re a wise investment in a greener, brighter future.

Woods Removals – We’re Here to Help People with Their Home Renovations in Dorset

At Woods Removals, we have over 140 years of moving experience. During that time, many customers used us to assist with renovations. We have a range of services that many property developers and interior designers book us for.

If you need additional labour, you can use our Man & Van service, which includes the use of two members of the Woods team. You will use our vehicles, which are handy for collecting materials and transporting equipment.

We work with thousands of satisfied customers yearly, and we’re Dorset’s favourite removals and storage provider. Many customers tell us they need help to afford a mortgage for larger properties. Although it was hard work, they never regretted buying a home to fix it up. Many get the house-flipping bug and start doing it to make a profit.

Woods Removals calls Dorset our home, and we’re always happy to talk to people planning a renovation project. We have an intimate knowledge of the area, and our team is glad to assist with any aspect of your venture. Don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss anything related to your renovation project in Dorset.