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Buying a House to Renovate in Dorset

Posted on December 28, 2023 by Shaun Vallance
Buying a House to Renovate in Dorset

For many people, moving into a larger house is beyond their means. It feels out of reach even if we scrimp and put away money for several years. And for people who have young families, this can mean cramping everyone into a smaller living space. This is also true for first-time buyers struggling to break free from the rental cycle.

Although this may mean that the traditional route of purchasing a house is off the table, it doesn’t mean there are no other options. For people willing to put some work in, purchasing a property at a much lower asking price at auction to develop is possible. While this isn’t for those faint of heart, it’s a viable alternative for people who want a more substantial home.


  • Top Tips for Renovating a House in Dorset
  • Things to Be Mindful of When Searching for Potential Properties
  • Unlocking Home Potential: A Guide to Renovating in Dorset
  • Local Resources for Successful Renovations
  • Reducing Costs: The Role of Removal and Storage
  • Woods Removals – Partners for Home Renovations in Dorset

Top Tips for Renovating a House in Dorset

Before renovating your house, you must create as much space as possible. It’s difficult to work if you try to keep your possessions in the rooms you’re working on. And it can become tiresome to move everything into a different room constantly. The best way to do this is to use storage for the period of your renovations.

Another task you need to undertake before you pick up your tools or paintbrush is to clean. You need to clean your home, from top to bottom, thoroughly. If you need more time to do this correctly, hiring a professional cleaning company to make your house or apartment spotless is worth it. There is nothing worse than painting on dirty surfaces. It ruins the paintwork.

As part of your preparation, you should also repair any wall damage. It’s the ideal opportunity to fill in those unsightly holes. And if the holes are too significant to repair with wall filler, you’ll need to consider hiring a plasterer.

If wooden surfaces need work, sand them down with an orbital sander. You can easily sand them off, even with minor dents and marks. If the wooden surfaces are too run-down or rotten, you must replace them. After you finish sanding or repairing, a coat or two of varnish will keep them in a decent condition.

Depending on what level of work you plan on doing, you can determine what colour paint you want for each room. Doing a thorough renovation, you must leave this step until you complete major construction work. A lick of paint in each room will add the finishing touch to your project. And instead of buying new carpets, a professional cleaning company can revamp your carpets.

Things to Be Mindful of When Searching for Potential Properties

Auction houses are the usual way to get cheaper properties, but the property’s issues sometimes must be clarified. You should contact the auction house before you attend to see what details are available for each property. Although you stand to land an excellent deal for a house to fix up, you might find significant flaws later.

You should also consider getting an estate agent to take your criteria and contact you if anything becomes available. Sometimes, people are looking for a quick sale and are willing to reduce the asking prices significantly to achieve this. It will be easier to check for any major problems by doing this.

Some fundamental research is needed. You’ll need to visit places you think have suitable development properties. If you see dilapidated buildings that might work for your project, you can get the details from the local authority. They usually include the property owner, who you can contact to see the property status.

Even though you’re technically buying a run-down building to fix up, some aspects might cause a severe cash flow problem. Things like faulty wiring, extensive damage to the central water, sewage, gas pipes, and sinking foundations represent massive costs. Make sure you understand this before you buy.

Unlocking Home Potential: A Guide to Renovating in Dorset

Getting a bigger house often feels unrealistic, especially for young families and first-time buyers. The usual house-hunting drill is elusive. Here’s a twist: consider finding a fixer-upper at an auction or through sites like Trovit. It’s not an easy route, but it presents an opportunity to find a decent-sized property.

Crunch the numbers—sort out the budget, determine where the experts are must-haves, and where you can cut costs. Here’s a pro tip: a removal and storage provider can be your silent hero. Grab a man and van when m0061terials need moving, and stash your tools in self storage, keeping them safe.

Be sensible and set aside cash for the real pros like plumbers and electricians. For peace of mind, chat with the council for permissions, steer clear of listed properties, and get clued up on the essential reports. In the house renovation hustle, nail these basics; that dream dwelling is closer than you think.

Local Resources for Successful Renovations

In the renovation game, local support is your ace in the sleeve. Connect with professionals —cleaners with a magic touch for banishing dirt and plasterers who turn walls into art. 

Trusted Trader and similar online schemes spill the beans on these heroes. Local areas often flaunt ‘best of’ lists, guiding you to the cream of the service provider crop. Dive into Google ratings; they unveil everyone’s secrets, including your potential removal and storage saviours.

Now, let’s uncover the local wisdom. The local authority holds the map to hidden treasures —properties whispering transformation. But, steady on, renovations need a bit of order. 

Check the council’s mood on planning permission; your plans must impress. For a major renovation, consider a sidekick with site management skills. It might sound spendy, but crunch those numbers; detailed costing reveals where to splurge on the experts and where to be a penny-pincher.

Reducing Costs: The Role of Removal and Storage

As we dive into the nitty-gritty of renovations, wallet-friendly choices become the MVP. Tough financial calls are part of the game, but worry not—there are ways to cut costs without sacrificing your dream. Enter the game-changer: partnering with a trusted removal company like Woods Removals

Our Man & Van service isn’t just a lift; it’s an extra pair of hands, wheels, and the key to efficient equipment transport. This service includes the use of two members of the Woods team. You will use our vehicles, which are handy for collecting materials and transporting equipment. You can streamline costs and logistics, ensuring your renovation sails smoothly.

Now, here’s a little trick. By optimising your budget with a reliable removal service, you free up some funds. What can you do with those extra quid? Consider bringing a master builder on board and upgrading your materials game. Keep a little cash stash for surprises; renovations have a knack for the unexpected.

One golden rule: take your time with knowledge. If you’re eyeing a fixer-upper, invest in reports. Plumbing, electrics, foundation—knowing the nitty-gritty is the secret sauce. Before you splash the cash, make sure you truly understand the building’s DNA. It’s an investment that pays off in avoiding costly surprises down the renovation road.

Woods Removals – Partners for Home Renovations in Dorset

At Woods Removals, we have over 140 years of moving experience. During that time, we had many customers who used us to assist with their renovations. We have a range of services that many property developers and interior designers book us for.

We work with thousands of people at Woods Removals every year, and we’re Dorset’s favourite removals and storage provider. Many customers tell us they need help to afford a mortgage for larger properties. And although it was hard work, they never regretted buying a home to fix it up. Some get the house-flipping bug and start doing it to make a profit.

Woods Removals calls Dorset our home, and we’re always happy to talk to people planning a renovation project. We have an intimate knowledge of the area, and our team are pleased to assist with any aspect of your venture. Don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss anything related to your renovation project in Dorset.