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Declutter Before You Relocate with Woods Removals Dorset

Posted on September 13, 2018 by Shaun Vallance
Declutter Before You Relocate with Woods Removals Dorset

If you’re close to confirming your bid for a home in Dorset, you should be thinking ahead to give yourself plenty of time.And when you have your dates for moving set, it’s time to start organising your relocation. One aspect that many people leave until the last minute is packing. Although it’s usually the final task before your big moving day, it’s something you can begin earlier. And to make sure you only take what you need – it’s time to declutter.

We all accumulate more things than we need, and clutter can sneak up on us. You may not be a hoarder or keep stuff you don’t use, but there may be other members of your household who aren’t as willing to part with their old things. Even if you’re only moving a short distance away, it’s better just to take items that you plan on using regularly. It also doesn’t make sense to pay to relocate furniture and appliances if you no longer use them.

Tips of Decluttering for You Relocation –

Before you get lost in boxes in the garage or loft, you need to clean every room thoroughly. That will mean moving furniture around, which is where storagecan come in handy. Each room needs to be as clean as possible, with no rubbish left to get in the way. Remember to recycle any cardboard, plastic and glass as you go.

Now we move onto the business end of the decluttering project. You need to work out how often you use everything you own by going room-by-room. There are three different categories that your belongings will fall into: always use, sometimes use, rarely or never use. If you’re a fan of organising things you can colour code with stickers.

If anyone of them falls into the rarely or never use category, then it’s time to get rid. Your local charities or upcycling collectives will be thankful for any donations, and you’ll create more space. If any of the items hold any value, you can always sell them online and donate the profits to an NPO or charity of your choice. The things you no longer use will get a second life while providing a service for another person or family.

By the time you finish your final room of clutter, you will no doubt have reduced the number of items you’re going to pack. It’s not just about saving money and getting rid of things you no longer use or need. This is a new chapter for you, and it’s worth making an effort now so that you can start afresh in your new home.

Short Moving Checklist for Removals in Dorset –

The first thing you should do is contact Woods Removalsto book your removal date. When you do, we’ll adviseif there is a more suitable day to move which might work out cheaper. Make sure you stay in contact with all the essential people on a regular basis. That’s the seller, estate agent and your bank or mortgage advisor. The purpose will be to check that everything is on schedule and to iron out any small issues.

Once you have made a significant reduction in the overall amount of furniture, appliances and other items you can think about making an inventory. There are lots of home inventoryapps available to download, and they are an excellent way of keeping track of your possessions. The app allows you to document and photograph each item per room. And it’s also useful when you’re updating your contents insurance policy. You directly send them the list with images.

You’ll need to contact your utility providers with the provisional date of departure. And the day you leave, record and send them your final readings. Do this with a photo, so you have this information yourself in case of any issues. Contact your local authority to inform them you’re leaving and provide them with details of your new address. Repeat this for every other company you are listed with to ensure all mail is redirected.

Finally – do lots of research on your new home and the local area you’re moving to. What sort of amenities does it have? Where’s the closest hospital and GP? Do you have any restaurants, pubs and takeaways nearby? Is there a shopping centre within a few miles? What are the transport links like? If you can start answering these questions and follow up with a visit, you’ll find it much easier to settle in when you arrive.

Woods Removals – We’re Dorset’s Favourite Removals Provider –

Woods Removalsmoves thousands of peopleand businessesevery month in Dorset. We’re the counties favourite removals and storage company, and our number one aim is to provide the best customer service possible at affordable rates. From your first call to us, we’ll take you through our services to help you match them with your requirements.

The Woods team have expert-level knowledge of the area. We plan every relocation job using the best times to avoid any traffic, and we know every route to ensure that we provide the most efficient and professional removals serviceavailable. We rely on word of mouth referrals, and people often use us after a family member or friends recommend us.

Woods has a range of removals and storage services to suit everyone’s individual needs. Our focus is on customer service, which means matching your requirements with the correct service. The Woods team are always available to assist you, should you need some additional support.

Before you start to organise your relocation, go through your possessions and purge as many unused items as possible. It will help you lighten the load and could save you money.

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