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Declutter Your Home in Just One Week

Posted on August 25, 2021 by Shaun Vallance
Declutter Your Home in Just One Week

We all lead busy lives, and it’s sometimes difficult to keep on top of our storage spaces. A few of us might also be slightly guilty of holding onto things we don’t use anymore for future use. We let things slide and think we can sort everything out tomorrow. Then a few days turn into weeks, and before you know it, there’s no space left in the garage. The loft is full, and the spare room isn’t a room anymore; it’s a storage unit.

In most situations, you can resolve this problem by having a clean-up and a declutter. We usually suggest taking your time and spreading this over a few weeks. However, this isn’t always possible for a number of reasons, and we need to act with haste. It’s time to reclaim your home and declutter everything in just one week with Woods Removals.

How to Declutter When Time is Against You –

We’ll use this section to illustrate some potential scenarios where you might need to push the accelerator, all from previous jobs where someone had to undertake and complete a decluttering exercise in one week. Hopefully, it will highlight why this is a realistic situation you might find yourself in but that there’s also no need to panic – there’s help at hand.

Having overnight guests can throw a spanner in the works, especially if your spare room has containers and boxes everywhere. You don’t have much time until grandma and grandpa visit your family home. And we always want our house to look its best for family or friends. So, you’ve little time to spare and need to reclaim the room!

Emergency relocations are also frequent reasons for decluttering at break-neck speed. There’s no room for fussing around in this situation – time is a luxury you can’t afford. It’s all hands-on deck time and gets everyone involved. You’ll also be able to reduce the total volume of items and might save money on the move.

There are several other examples, but we hope this will give you some context and understanding that you might find yourself in a similar conundrum. You never know what’s around the corner, and the reality is you’ll need you to act fast. Luckily, Woods Removals is here to assist you during this decluttering sprint.

Tips for Decluttering to Reclaim Your Home –

A week might sound optimistic at best, but it’s not just doable; it’s a good idea to be proactive and have a positive mindset. Time is one of the main reasons we end up keeping possessions we rarely or never use. We plan on getting rid of things, but we never find the time. Rather than letting time be an excuse, reduce it to a much shorter time frame and stick to it.

Make a list of each room and pick one day to go through everything thoroughly. It’s usually a good idea to start with the bedrooms. That’s because they tend to be more straightforward as they’re only used a few times a day. Plus, you can ask each person to declutter their own room, giving you some time to get on with other important tasks.

The kitchen and living room will need a quiet household without any little ones (or big ones if they’re prone to loitering) getting in the way. However, the rooms that will test your mettle are the garage and loft. You’ll have your work cut out as you rummage through boxes of old electrical cables and unmarked binbags. We’re suggesting you tackle this last because it needs a thorough going through.

Use Three Categories when Deciding What to Keep –

In this section, we’re going to suggest creating three categories: 1 – still in use; 2 – rarely use; 3 – never use.  For any items from the 1st pile, you want to keep in the house, make sure you can organise them properly and put them into storage containers. Then label them to make sure you know what’s in each container. If you want to be super organised, note the date of the last declutter on each container!

For any items that land in the 2nd bundle, you can put them to one side and revisit once you have the definite keep or get rid piles sorted out. Do remember to go back through them at the end and avoid the temptation to shrug and put them back into the wardrobe for the sake of saving time.

Everything from the 3rd category is leaving – it just depends on how you plan on parting ways. If you genuinely don’t use something but have value, try and sell them online or at a pawn shop. Alternatively, donate to a local charity or upcycle collective. The last option is to repurpose the item for another purpose, or if there’s no other use, it’s time to recycle.

How Self Storage Can Help Organise –

Another great way to create more space at home when decluttering is to use storage. If you rent a self storage unit with a reputable company, you will be able to store an entire room’s worth of belongings. That would mean having no storage containers in your spare room or garage and reclaiming them both to put them to better use. And it’s straightforward to access your items in storage when you work with Woods Removals.

The main advantage of decluttering your home is to create more living space. Who knows, you might want to convert your spare room into a home office or study. The car can go back to the garage, or you can use the extra space as a utility room. And everything will be safe and secure in your storage unit, with no issues of theft or damage to worry about.

You’ll have a lot more space in your home to get on with other things. For movers, you won’t have to lug furniture and appliances out of the way as you pack. Store them and free up some much-needed space. There’s no minimum contract with us – store as you need to. And we’ll provide you with a free quote and storage package suggestion.

Link with a Removals Service –

One of the advantages of booking a reputable company is the broad range of service options they’ll offer. At Woods Removals, we’ll arrange a man & van or removals collection if you don’t have a vehicle. Then it links directly with your storage unit to create a seamless service. Furthermore, we can provide relocations on the fly if you’re in a bind.

Woods has a fleet of removal vans at our disposal, and we can fit it to suit any size of move or budget. There’s something for everyone with us, and we strive to be as inclusive as possible. Not only that, but we’re also flexible and will tailor our pre-existing packages to accommodate you. So, if you have items that would cause some providers issues, it’s no problem with us.

We’re a five-star removal and storage company, and we strive to provide excellent customer service. We cover everywhere in Dorset and its surrounding areas – literally going the extra mile for our customers. People often use us again because of the excellent service they receive, and we often get referrals from satisfied customers who recommend us to their family and friends.

Woods Removals – Over 140 Years of Experience in Removals and Storage –

Woods Removals has over 140 years of removals and storage experience, and our loyal and dedicated team of experts will be on hand with your every step of the way. We offer a range of services that add up a one-stop company for your relocation and storage needs.

We have four storage options – domestic storage, commercial archive storage, trade self storage (metal containers), and we can also accommodate large items in our warehouse. From prices starting from £14.00 per week, we’re confident that we can provide the right storage for you without putting too much strain on your budget.

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