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Dorset Moving Services: Simplify Your Move with Woods Removals

Posted on March 30, 2024 by Shaun Vallance
Dorset Moving Services: Simplify Your Move with Woods Removals

Are you planning to move to Dorset soon and feeling a bit lost? The good news is this is perfectly normal – you’re in the right place. However, it can be slightly daunting initially, especially if this is a big change from your current location or you’re a first-time mover. No need to panic – all it takes is finding the best removal company in the area.

Wood Removals has served Dorchester and the county of Dorset for over one hundred and sixty-five years, and we’re still going strong. We’ll discuss our range of services in more detail, with examples to help you choose the best removal option for your needs.


  • Large Removals – Ideal for 3 Bedroom Houses and Up
  • Small Moves – Man & Van for 1-2 Bedroom Flats and Houses
  • Secure Storage Services for Households and Businesses
  • Office Removals for Full Office and All Commercial Relocations
  • Overseas Moving to Europe and Beyond – Road, Sea, or Air Freight
  • How to Choose a Reputable Moving Company in Dorset

Large Removals – Ideal for 3 Bedroom Houses and Up

When handling big moves, we use our Large Removals service, ideal for 3-bedroom houses and beyond. 

Experience and Expertise

Moving is a big deal for folks. But with Woods Removals, it’s all under control. We’ve seen it all and know just what to do. The Woods team is top-notch, ensuring every move is flawless. Quality service is our hallmark.

Packing Service

Packing is key for a successful move. We offer a full packing service, covering everything from wrapping to handling. Our skilled packers use unique materials like cardboard cartons and cushion-craft wrapping to keep items safe. Delicate stuff? No worries. We handle silverware, paintings, pianos, and mirrors with extra care. And if you want to pack yourself, we’ll still lend a hand.

Dorset Removals Process

Need an estimate? We’ve got you covered. Our experienced estimators handle the initial process, providing detailed quotations tailored to your needs. With over 165 years in the game, we’re pros at planning local or long-distance moves. Expect expert advice at every step, ensuring a hassle-free experience. Are you worried about tricky items like pianos or antique furniture? We’ve got it covered.

Our experience, attention to detail, and commitment to quality make us the go-to choice for large-scale moves in Dorset. Whether packing delicate items or planning a complex relocation, we have the expertise to handle it all.

Small Moves – Man & Van Service for 1-2 Bedroom Flats and Houses

For those seeking swift relocations in compact spaces, our Man & Van service is tailor-made. Whether a snug one-bedroom flat or a cosy two-bedroom house, we streamline the process, ensuring a seamless transition.

Professionalism in Small Moves

For smaller relocations, our dedication to professionalism remains unwavering. Regardless of size, each item receives meticulous attention during transit and placement in its new abode. Efficiency and skill are woven into every aspect, reflecting our commitment to quality service.

Organised Move Management

Our approach spans from start to finish, ensuring methodical execution. Whether residential relocation or commercial, we meticulously orchestrate every aspect of the process. Fragile items like pianos or delicate artworks? 

No challenge is too daunting. We ensure everything is road-ready to minimise any potential mishaps. Your belongings are safeguarded with utmost care, a testament to our meticulous planning.

Adaptable Service

We understand the importance of customisation. Whether it’s custom packing solutions or tweaks to the moving schedule, we’re here to cater to your specific needs. Your satisfaction guides our flexibility, ensuring a personalised experience tailored to your needs.

Vehicle Options

Our fleet boasts vehicles of varying sizes to cater to diverse needs. Manoeuvring through narrow streets is a breeze with our compact vans, facilitating swift and efficient relocations. Size constraints do not hinder our capabilities; we adapt to the demands of your move.

Competition-Beating Service

Elevating the standard of small-scale moves, our service transcends expectations. We pledge a stress-free relocation and easily surpass industry benchmarks. Whether your journey spans within Dorset or extends farther afield, our commitment to excellence remains unwavering.

Our systematic approach, adaptable services, and unwavering professionalism set us apart from other removal companies. With us, your move, regardless of size, is executed seamlessly and with utmost care.

Secure Storage Services for Households and Businesses

We’ve got you covered when you need to store your belongings securely. Our array of storage options spans container, self storage, trade storage, and archive document storage.

Versatile Storage Solutions

Whether you need short-term storage during a house move or long-term storage for decluttering, we offer adaptable solutions tailored to your needs. Your belongings receive the same level of care as ours, safeguarding their safety and integrity.

Purpose-Built Facilities

Our purpose-built warehouses are crafted to meet various storage requirements, accommodating anything from the entirety of a household to just a few items. Our facilities are clean, protected, and meticulously organised and provide a secure sanctuary for your possessions.

Benefits of Storage

Storage serves multiple purposes, from providing temporary housing during house moves to freeing up space at home. It also offers time for decision-making regarding belongings and helps restore living spaces to their original functionality.

Value-Driven Storage Options

We offer affordable storage options, utilising a precise inventory system to ensure accurate tracking and safe storage of items. When you’re ready to retrieve your belongings, our convenient process makes it hassle-free.

Types of Storage Offered

Our options include domestic storage for households, commercial archive storage for businesses, metal containers for trade self-storage, and facilities for storing loose large items catering to diverse storage needs.

Comprehensive Storage Services

At Woods Removals, we guarantee top-notch storage and self-storage services in Dorset. Our priority is meeting your storage requirements and ensuring your satisfaction throughout the process.

From versatile storage solutions to purpose-built facilities, we prioritise the safety and satisfaction of our clients. Our affordable options and commitment to excellence make storage simple and stress-free.

Office Removals for Full Office and All Commercial Relocations

We provide personalised services to match your office and commercial relocation requirements. The focus is minimising downtime, guaranteeing minimal disruption to your business operations.

Experienced Corporate Removals Department

When it comes to office and commercial relocations, we specialise in transitions and bringing expertise to the table. Our focus? Minimising disruption and downtime, ensuring a smooth shift while keeping your business running smoothly.

Dedicated Office Removals Consultant

Consult our Office Removals Consultant to outline your needs and organise CES. From overseeing projects to organising pre-move meetings, we tailor relocation plans to suit you. Proficiency in IT migration ensures a smooth transition for your business.

Comprehensive Support

With +165 years of experience, Woods Removals assists with office relocations. Our extensive fleet of vehicles and specialised staff are dedicated to office moves. We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional service compared to other providers.

Full-Service Offering

We provide packing materials, crates, and labels for your office move. Additionally, we offer the option for our movers to handle all packing requirements upon request at a convenient time.

We offer comprehensive support and dedication to customs specialisation in office relocations. With specialised expertise, tailored solutions, and a commitment to excellence, we ensure a seamless transition for your business.

Overseas Moving to Europe and Beyond – Road, Sea, or Air Freight

If you’re embarking on an international journey, you can trust us to handle your relocation carefully, whether within Europe or beyond.

Expertise in International Moves

We offer door-to-door service, with knowledge about export requirements and effective packing strategies. Our use of padded export blankets, corrugated cardboard, and specialist packaging materials ensures the safety of your belongings.

Guidance and Support

Our experienced moving teams provide valuable advice and support throughout the international relocation process. We assist with documentation requirements and provide regular updates on shipment status, alleviating any concerns you may have.

Professional Packing

Our thoroughly trained personnel guarantee the safe transportation of your belongings via surface, sea, or air. We use industry-standard bubble-craft packaging to preserve the condition of your items during transit.

Flexible Options

We tailor moving plans to suit your budget and deadline constraints. Please consult our international removal consultant for guidance and support when planning your move.

Container Ship Services

Opt for our container ship services to transport large quantities of goods. Choose from steel containers (20 or 40-foot) for direct shipping to your destination. Sealed containers are cleared through customs and delivered to your home for unloading.

Shared Container Services

Our shared container services offer a cost-effective solution for smaller quantities of possessions. Share container space with others going to similar destinations, with flexible payment based on the space needed.

Air Freight Services

When urgency is paramount, our air freight services provide an expedited option for transporting items quickly to your destination. This is ideal for urgent needs, although not cost-efficient for larger moves due to higher costs than sea shipment.

Temporary Storage Options

We offer temporary storage solutions domestically and abroad to accommodate your needs during the move. Trust us to provide suitable options if you need storage at various points in your journey.

We ensure a smooth and stress-free international relocation experience for our clients with tailored solutions and a commitment to excellence.

How to Choose a Reputable Moving Company in Dorset

When selecting a reputable moving company in Dorset, thorough research and due diligence are essential. Partnering with the proper removal and storage company significantly enhances the likelihood of a smooth and positive moving experience.

Consider seeking recommendations from family, friends, and colleagues as a starting point. Additionally, leveraging Google ratings can provide valuable insights into a company’s track record of customer care and service delivery. Look for companies with an average rating of 4.5 or higher, and take the time to read several reviews to gauge the expected level of service.

Furthermore, inquire about the company’s BAR accreditation, assess its quality policy, and determine if they are part of a reputable network of partner companies. Woods Removals meets these criteria and is proud to be a member of the esteemed Master Removers Group, ensuring top-notch service and reliability for your relocation needs.

Woods Removals – a Service to Match Every Moving or Storage Needs

You won’t have to look far if you want the best possible removal and storage in Dorchester and the surrounding areas. Woods Removals works with households and businesses from all over Dorset, and many choose us over local providers.

That’s down to our excellent customer service and attention to detail—we never cut corners because preparation leads to a successful outcome. We hope this blog gives you a better overview of the types of removal and storage packages available and what’s most suitable for your situation.

Click here if you want to start a free assessment, and we’ll create a no-obligation quote. Also, feel free to phone or email us to discuss our services in more detail.