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Moving to Dorset for Properties with Outdoor Space

Posted on November 19, 2022 by Shaun Vallance
Moving to Dorset for Properties with Outdoor Space

For anyone who lives in a large city like London, it’s been a predictably unpredictable few years. Just when we started sweeping the debris from the pandemic away, the cost-of-living crises appeared. While neither subject is positive in the slightest, some trends were more favourable to people. Remote working gave us more freedom and choices for a better work-life balance, to name one.

During the lockdown, people were also leaving London in droves, which was seen as a temporary blip. London’s housing market has always been prone to surges and dips, often concerning the financial markets. However, it’s apparent that the momentary shift in property attitudes is widespread amongst many who are still leaving the capital. We’ll discuss one of the prominent reasons for this trend and why Dorset is a sought-after area for anyone leaving a big city.


  • Has the Pandemic Exodus from London Over Now?
  • Why is Dorset a Sought-After Destination?
  • What Towns in Dorset Represent the Best Value for Money?
  • What Role does a Back Garden Play for Homeowners?
  • Is It Possible to Book a Moving Company from Dorset?
  • My Moving Dates Don’t Line Up – Is There a Solution?
  • Woods Removals – Providing Relocations from Major Cities to Dorset

Has the Pandemic Exodus from London Over Now?

The trend of people leaving London was a mainstay during the pandemic era. Initially, it was seen as a temporary measure before the stricter lockdown took effect and would return to normal later. Then the strain of living in a small apartment without much or any outdoor spaces took its toll. The temporary idea became permanent, leading to the idea of a departure from the capitol.

Any mass migrations of homeowners and renters will have a negative effect on the area they’re leaving. That’s why any news of a bounce back was welcome, especially for those working in the housing market. In February, the Evening Standard published an article discussing the boomerang effect that was about to come to fruition. The popularity of London was returning, or so they thought.

Unfortunately, according to Hamptons, the London exodus continues, and they have facts to back their claim. Their data shows that 7.9% of Londoners bought homes outside the Greater area in the year. Bloomberg reported similar figures, noting that workers returning to the office hasn’t stabilised the housing market. The Negotiator notes that these figures are at similar levels to the pandemic’s numbers, which indicates people are now looking to start a life outside of London.

Why is Dorset a Sought-After Destination?

House Beautiful note that one of the key phrases for property searches is space. The idea of what makes the ideal home has been changing towards living spaces and outdoor areas. Many city-dwellers (especially ones that visited family in rural areas) realised the advantages of having a bigger house. The introduction to remote working was also a key factor – easier on the bank balance to leave London.

While Dorset is a bit further away, the county welcomes hundreds of former Londoners yearly. We’ll look at specific towns in the next section, but it’s apparent that cost plays a part. Dorset isn’t the cheapest area going, but it starts making sense if you compare it to London. The average property price in Greater London is £740597, and in Dorset is £392229.

A closer look at the types of property comparison is the final clue we’re searching for. The average cost for a flat in London is £537,256, while you can pick up a detached house in Dorset for £575,787. The figures speak for themselves – you can trade in the city centre apartment and get a large house with a garden for similar prices.

What Towns in Dorset Represent the Best Value for Money?

Figuratively, everywhere in Dorset offers more value for Londoners when you stack the values. The average costs from the previous section showcase the logical step from homeownership of an apartment to a family home. But it’s always worth seeing where the hidden gems are to find further opportunities for getting more for your money.

Dorset Live’s article provides the most affordable areas in the county:

  • Bridport – £322,057
  • Shaftesbury – £326,213
  • Dorchester – £326,685
  • Westbourne – £347,509
  • Sherborne – £348,880
  • Wimborne – £373,217
  • Lyme Regis – £433,584
  • Christchurch – £437,054

You’ll probably notice that the only coastal towns in this list are Lyme Regis and Christchurch. That suggests that the seaside locations come at a premium, likely down to second home ownership and commercial value with tourism. That said, it’s still apparent that the average property prices in these towns are significantly more affordable than in London.

The real gems of Dorset are the landlocked towns and villages, and some clock in at over half the London average property value. Woods Removals‘ base of operations is in one of the scenic towns – we call Dorchester home. And we’re happy to wax lyrical about the benefits of life in Dorset, which includes lots of sunshine, greenspaces, seaside activities and a better quality of life.

What Role does a Back Garden Play for Homeowners?

Looking back over this article to this point, it’s clear that outdoor spaces are in fashion. Living in cosmopolitan areas was always a compromise, where you trade in square feet for everything city life offers. The lockdowns threw this into question by removing many of the benefits that made up this balancing act.

Having a decent back garden is now firmly in the collective minds of potential homeowners and tenants when they weigh their options. But how does this equate to the value of properties with gardens? Really Moving states that Londoners can expect a 19% premium if they want a private garden. That is almost a double premium due to the exorbitant property prices in the capital.

Martin & Co note that houses with a south-facing garden attract a premium of £20,000. They also have some interesting ideas for people who want to spruce up their gardens. This means that people who purchase a property in Dorset might pay more for a back garden. But their investment will retain value, making this a financially sound arrangement.

Is It Possible to Book a Moving Company from Dorset?

It’s difficult to ignore the advantages of trading London for Dorset and why tens of thousands of people made this choice. Now it’s time to consider the practical steps you need to take to move. Your first thought might be to use a London-based removal company because they’re local. However, Woods Removals regularly trips to and from the capital every week.

You can book us, and we’ll pack and transport your belongings. You’ll receive the highest standards of removal without the London premium. We have a fleet of removal vehicles of all sizes, from a Man & Van to a Home Removal van. Our assessment team will match your needs with the most efficient and cost-effective package.

Everyone at Woods Removals strives to provide the best customer service possible for every removal job we commit to. We achieve this with a Quality Policy that sets the standard and monitors performance. That’s why we’re Dorset’s number one for removals and storage. But don’t take our word for it – read what previous customers say here.

My Moving Dates Don’t Line Up – Is There a Solution?

From experience, we know that no two relocations are the same, even if they appear on the surface. Most of the time, relocations are successful and go without major issues. However, there are occasionally instances where a move-in date suffers a setback. That causes a problem – you need to pack up and leave without somewhere to move into.

In situations like this, there’s usually no way of backing out, which essentially leaves you with a colossal mess to sort out. Firstly, your family has nowhere to stay, and the vision of unpacking boxes in your new home has evaporated. It’s easy to see why people to panic; fortunately, there is a solution.

Woods Removals offers storage packages. If moving dates no longer line up, you can store your possessions with us. This won’t solve your problems completely, but you will have peace of mind your items are secure. Then you can look for temporary accommodation to tide you over while you carry on with getting your relocation back on track.

Woods Removals – Providing Relocations from Major Cities to Dorset

If you’re considering seriously leaving London in search of a better quality of life, Dorset should be at the top of your list. We have the most hours of sunshine anywhere in the UK, and you’ll never be stuck for something to do. And as you can see from this article – it makes financial sense if you’re moving out of London or another expensive big city.

At Woods Removals, we go the extra mile to help people relocate our customers. That’s why we have a dedicated London to Dorset removals service – we were making this journey regularly enough. When you book with us, we’ll be with you at every stage to advise and keep you on track. You’ll be ready to start a new life in Dorset before you know it.

Click here, and we’ll begin assessing your requirements. We’ll put together a free quote and suggest the most suitable removal package.