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Essential Questions to Ask When Viewing Properties

Posted on June 25, 2021 by Shaun Vallance
Essential Questions to Ask When Viewing Properties

Finding the perfect house or flat is the ambition of anyone who’s scouting for a new home in Dorset this year. The moving process is renowned for being a tricky undertaking with plenty of stressful days ahead for those brave enough to take it on. Much emphasis tends to centre on booking a removals service and the final week before the relocation. However, there are many different things to consider, and you should aim to cover them all as evenly as possible.

We’ll look at something most prospective buyers neglect to pay enough attention to in this blog. It will help if you ask sellers more specific questions when you’re viewing or making online inquiries. By missing this part out, you might unwittingly gloss over some problems. And we’re trying to make sure you take everything into account to get the best results.

Your Guide to Property Scouting in Dorset –

While this might not seem like the role a removals company usually play, it’s something we consider part of the service we provide. After all, without new homeowners successfully buying properties, it would affect us negatively. But, for the Woods Removals team, it’s more than what we get out of this. We want to see more people have the opportunity of owning their own home.

You’ll find plenty of articles discussing moving checklists and things to do directly after you move in. But there are fewer available to direct would-be buyers who are arranging and attending viewings. So, this is where some serious questions should be ready and waiting. You’re embarking on a massive financial and life-changing decision, and it needs to be the right one.

Luckily, everyone at Woods Removals wants you to succeed, and we’ll happily provide pointers. We have over a hundred years of experience in removals and storage. That’s a wealth of knowledge and examples to reference when it comes to advise. Let’s move onto five specific questions you need to ask when you view properties.

Ask These Five Questions While Viewing –

Here are some hand-picked questions to ask sellers in addition to why:

What surveys and inspections have been undertaken? –

It’s crucial that you ask this and understand the property’s history, including its current condition. You won’t be able to inspect things like plumbing, electrical circuits or the foundations. That’s why inspections and surveys are necessary because they cover everything out of sight, with evaluation by experts.

Has there been any significant repair work on the building or foundations? 

This ties in with the inspections and surveys, but it’s still something you should inquire about when you’re viewing their home. You can gauge a lot by how they respond about whether they involve themselves in regular maintenance and repairs. Use your gut feeling and then request details of up-to-date inspections and surveys.

What’s the reason for selling the property?

You’ll start to see a pattern emerging in our suggested line of questions. First, the seller needs to provide you with an honest account of the house or flat they’re listing. However, this one requires a degree of diplomacy and savvy to get the desired result. Use some small talk to engage them on their future plans, where they’re moving, and drop in an open-ended question to see if they’ll note their reason for selling.

Is it a listed building?

This question is self-explanatory – you need to ask if the building has listed protections. The reason is that listed buildings are notoriously difficult, if not impossible, to modify. While you might have no intention of doing any work on the property now, it might cause issues with things like simple repairs.

When do they intend or need to move out?

It sounds like something everyone will ask when they start scouting for a new home. Yet, from our experience, it’s one of the frequent questions that most people forget to ask. The typical scenario for a mortgage chain is that every party has housing needs. So, think of it as a move-in, move-out stipulation. Therefore, it’s critical that you know the seller’s accommodation situation.

Surveys and Why They’re Vitally Important –

When you view a property, you tend to see things at face value, meaning what’s in front of us. The history of the house is essential but very much background information at this juncture. As a result, you’re more likely to be concentrating on noticeable issues and any visible signs of defects or poor maintenance. While this is fine, you might be letting something slip by.

Surveys contain essential details about the property’s history, including the outside and underground areas. This might include repair work or previous issues, depending on what surveyance has taken place. Some even cover things you might not even consider that goes beyond the structure and foundations. Just remember to ask for this information either before or during the viewing.

To give you an idea of what surveys are out there:

RICS Condition Report – this report details the property’s condition, including any risks and potential legal issues.

Building Structural Survey – this is a comprehensive survey that’s suitable for all residential properties. Specifically for older homes or properties that might need repairs.

RICS HomeBuyer Report – this report will check for any structural problems, such as subsidence or dampness.

RICS Building Survey – if you need a more accurate level of inspection, this building survey uses a simple rating system to ensure that you can quickly identify the most serious issues.

Enlist the Services of an Estate Agent –

This is something we’re suggesting you do as a first action. You’ll put yourself in a favourable position by enlisting the services of an estate agent from the start. First, draft a wish list with everything you want when setting up viewings. Then send it to the agent to provide feedback and revert any relevant suggestions for the following best action. If you’re unsure of either option, they’ll present you with some data and advice for both.

This will help you piece together enough information to determine which is the best route. However, they won’t make any decisions for you, and you’ll need to do some of the legwork. You’re not off the hook regarding research and scouting. One of the benefits of getting an estate agent early is their ability to value prospective properties.

An estate agent with experience can give you an accurate valuation of each house or flat, as well as a list of pros and cons. Plus, they’ll advise on things like inspections and other relevant legal things to take into consideration. You’ll also have a more accurate evaluation of the seller’s asking price in comparison to similar properties in the same location.

Once you have a wish list, send it and get them to group suitable places for viewings. They’ll filter out unsuitable properties and do further research on potential ones. This is essential for anyone who’s moving into Dorset from another part of the UK. You won’t waste time and energy on places that don’t match up to your needs.

The Facts About Completion Day –

Completion day is when all the money moves across from the buyer to the seller. And if everything goes to plan, you can pick up the keys to your new home. The date for the completion is set from initial discussions between all parties, including solicitors, once the property’s selling price is agreed upon. As the name suggests, this is the final piece of the puzzle, and the homeownership officially changes hands.

If you’re purchasing a property with a mortgage, the lender plays a pivotal role in this process. They can only release funds when the lender receives a Certificate of Title from your solicitor for the final sales transaction. The Certificate of Title is a document that gives a thorough history of the property’s ownership, including a complete legal description of the building.

However, there is something any prospective homeowner needs to consider carefully. The lender reserves the right to withdraw their funding approval if they believe the borrowing party is no longer a safe commitment. They will undertake one final check to see if your circumstances are the same. So, make sure that your finances are in good order up until the completion day. You should try and avoid any new credit or debit orders that may strain your finances.

When the final checks are over and the money transfers to your solicitor, they will pass the funds to the seller’s solicitor. When these funds reflect in the appropriate bank account, the purchase is complete. Then you can discuss the arrangements for collecting the keys to your new home. You can then officially let out a sigh of relief and enjoy a celebratory drink or two.

Booking a Removals or Storage Service –

For properties with three bedrooms or more, we will suggest our Large Removals service. But this is also valid for people in smaller homes if they have possessions that take up more space in the removal van. Woods Removals team can transport everything in one trip with this service without a shuttle. And our team will plan everything in detail to ensure we cause a minimal amount of interruption.

Our Small Moves service is a superior man and van package ideal for smaller houses and apartments. The vans are better at parking on busy inner-city streets, and you won’t have any issues blocking the road with a large vehicle. This service comes with two of our expert team members to do all the loading and unpacking.

Renting a self storage unit can free up a lot of space at home or the office. If you can visualise this, it’s possible to fit the equivalent of a one-bed flat’s contents into a 100-sq-ft storage unit. That’s a massive amount of space for a relatively small storage unit. Similarly, storage is the best way to keep your possessions safe and secure, especially if you have valuables or irreplaceable items.

The main benefit of storage is the additional safety and security it provides people for their belongings. You also don’t need to worry about a lease – it’s up to you how long you keep your storage unit for. And by renting a self storage unit with Woods Removals, you’ll never receive additional hidden charges. Furthermore, our customers can get an online quote today without any surprise fees.

Woods Removals – Giving You a Helping Hand When Viewing Properties –

It’s a tough ask to remember everything when looking for a new home. There’ll be times where we forget a couple of details, and that’s fine. But some can cause major headaches if we don’t address them. And we hope this article will nudge you to keep them in mind when you start lining up places to view.

Woods Removals will be here to take the reins when you’re ready to move so you can concentrate on other important tasks. We have an excellent range of services at affordable prices, and we can oversee the move. Customer service is the cornerstone of our company, and that’s why we continue to be Dorset’s number one for removals and storage.

Asking the right questions will lead to the home you deserve. When it’s time to organise the move itself, click here and request a free, no-obligation quote.