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Essential Questions to Ask When Viewing Properties

Posted on August 27, 2017 by Shaun Vallance
Essential Questions to Ask When Viewing Properties

Getting onto the property ladder is something we all hope and strive to do. We put a lot of stock and personal value into our houses and apartments, all with the aim of making a home for ourselves or our family. It’s this reason why issues can get overlooked. When viewing new houses or apartments, it’s easy to miss some obvious red flags.

Woods Removals has helped hundreds of people relocate to their new homes, and we’ve learned a lot from our customers. We decided to compile some of our best tips – here are some essential questions you should ask when you’re house hunting.

Top Five Questions When Viewing Properties – 

Inspections – it’s critical to check whether the property you’re viewing has undergone inspections. It’s even more important to check exactly what type of inspection has been completed. A seller might have had a general inspection of their property, but numerous enhanced inspections are needed to be certain the property is in good condition.

Comparable Sales – it’s a seller’s position to get a good price, but it’s your job to know how that compares to other sales in the same area. It’s not difficult to find this information. The estate agent will have it, or a quick search on Google will provide you with everything you need to know.

Why Are They Selling? – this is a tricky one. But if you manage to pull it off with diplomacy, you can learn a few things about the property. Finding out why the house is on the market might bring other potential issues to the surface. There are a few ways to approach this one, but sometimes it’s worth being brave and slightly blunt.

Moving Out – it’s something that first-time buyers fail to ask – when does the seller need to move out? If there is no immediate date, then it’s safe to assume they don’t have their own property lined up, and this will also cause delays and gaps for you. You may have found your dream home but it might not seem like wonderful six-months down the line when the seller has yet to find another property.

 Is the Property Listed? – if you unwittingly buy a listed property and want to make any alterations, then you’re in for a lot of heartaches and headaches. In a nutshell – there are so many restrictions on listed buildings that it’s difficult to impossible to make alterations of any kind.


Other Things to Consider When Relocating – 

It’s important to do some research on the place you’re moving to. If you have a young family, then you’ll need to know that the area has a decent amount of schools in the area. Healthcare is always important, and it’s a good idea to know how many hospitals and GP surgeries are close by. If the area you’re moving to has a low unemployment rate, then it usually indicates things like lower crime levels.

Another big thing that you need to consider is the local amenities. Is there a good number of places to buy food and shop for clothes? Entertainment is one aspect that should never be overlooked. If you choose somewhere that caters for your tastes, like a cinema or theatre, then you’ll enjoy where you live. A good mix of indoor activities like a sports and leisure centre, as well as outdoor adventure type clubs, is good for kids and grown-up kids alike.

Additionally, transport is a vital factor you need to consider. Good rail and road links to other cities and towns also indicate a progressive area and make things like a commute to work easier.


Woods Removals – Helping People Find Their Ideal New Home – 

It’s crucial to choose a reliable removals company when you plan your relocation. At Woods Removals, we have over 140 years of moving experience, and we’re always on hand to discuss your move.

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Woods Removals calls Dorset our home, and we’re always happy to talk to people who are planning a move here, no matter what stage they’re at. We have an intimate knowledge of the area, and our team can discuss any aspect of local life.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss anything related to your relocation to Dorset.