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Finding the Ideal Summer Home in Dorset

Posted on June 12, 2018 by Shaun Vallance
Finding the Ideal Summer Home in Dorset

A lot of people dream of getting away from it all by moving to the countryside. The warmer weather, lots of greenery and scenic views. The promise of unspoiled beaches and cleaner air. It sounds like the perfect way to live, especially for people who are getting a bit fed up with life in busy cities like London. A quieter way of life can become a tempting prospect.

However, it’s not always possible to pack up and leave. A lot of people can’t drop everything to move to the country. That’s why many of them purchase places they can visit on their time off. At Woods Removals, we move thousands of people in Dorset every year. Lots of our customers were looking for a second property and found their ideal summer home in Dorset.

Finding the Perfect Location for Your Summer Home in Dorset –

For many people, Dorset has everything they want when it comes to buying a summer home. Lots of sunshine, clean air, beautiful scenery and lots of things to do. Even though Dorset has a slower, more peaceful pace in comparison to busier places, there is still lots to do.

Before we get ahead of ourselves, you’ll need to start planning as soon as possible. You should start by writing a wish list of everything you want from your summer home. That includes the practical things, like the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, garden size, and so on. And you also need to list what amenities and any healthcare services you need close by.

You’ll need to have some idea of what type of area you like the look of in Dorset. Most people who purchase summer homes tend to gravitate towards places nearer the coastline. Bournemouth is an obvious choice to start your search due to its popularity with visitors. You should also consider places like Poole, Bridport, Lyme Regis, Sherborne and Dorchester but there are many more.

Contact an estate agent early and send them your wish lists. They will be able to save your requirements and match them as potential properties become available. It will also help to weed out any places that don’t match your needs before you waste time viewing them.

You’ll need to visit the places that have you like the look of. If you have a list of viewings coming up, make sure you give yourself enough time to stay for a few nights. Consider this a fun way to combine research and to get to know the place you’ll be spending a lot of your free time at. You’ll soon find your favourite pubs and restaurants.

It’s also worth meeting with a mortgage broker in the area. They will be able to set out your mortgage options against your budget. You should also be putting some figures together to work out what sort of deposit you can commit to before you arrange any meetings or viewings.

How Storage Can Assist Summer Home Owners in Dorset –

A lot of second-home owners rent out their summer homes when they aren’t visiting. For many second-home owners, it’s an excellent source of additional income. Additionally, it also prevents their property being empty for long periods.

And what’s more – you won’t have to do any of the landlord type duties. There are lots of people who manage short-term rental properties. It’s possible to leave your keys and instructions with them, and that’s it. They will meet any guests and fulfil any necessary services.

At Woods, we often work with people who rent out their summer homes on sites like Airbnb. We regularly collect and deliver furniture from their properties and store them at our facilities. Woods Removals offers excellent self storage packages to help you safeguard any valuables or furniture. Storage is the best way to secure your possessions against theft or damage.

Woods Removals – We’re Dorset’s Best Removals and Storage Provider –

Woods Removals has been operating in Dorset for over 140 years. Many of our customers are part-time residents of Dorset with summer homes to enjoy their weekends and holidays at. We’re proud to call Dorset our home which is why we understand the appeal of owning a second property here.

The Woods Removals team move thousands of people in Dorset and the surrounding areas every year. Our number one aim is to provide the best customer service possible at affordable rates. We rely on word of mouth referrals, and people often use us after a family member or friends recommend us.

From your first call to us, we’ll take you through our services to help you match them with your requirements. The Woods Removals team are happy to discuss your relocation at any stage, even if you’re just planning or getting quotes.

If you’re thinking if making Dorset your second home, contact us today. We’ll help you move into your new summer home.