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Five Top Tips for the Lockdown in Dorset

Posted on November 12, 2020 by Shaun Vallance
Five Top Tips for the Lockdown in Dorset

Now that we’re roughly one week into the latest lockdown measures, it’s important to try and find ways to keep yourself busy if you’re at home. Additionally, it’s worth having a general idea about what removals and storage services available. By doing this, you can prepare yourself for any issues that arise during the lockdown.

The Woods Removals team are always thinking of ways to create and share useful information with our customers. We want to let everyone know that Woods’ is open for business throughout the lockdown. For anyone who finds they need to relocate quickly, here are our tips for navigating the lockdown in Dorset.

What to Expect for Lockdown Removals in Dorset –

If you find yourself in a tricky situation, you might need to move without much notice. This is likely to cause a lot of stress, especially if you’re worried about finding a removal provider during the lockdown in Dorset. Fortunately, all you need to do is contact Woods Removals, and we’ll go through your inquiry to assess your relocation requirements.

We operate all over Dorset and the neighbouring counties, but it doesn’t stop there. It’s feasible to organise a move to anywhere, both locally and throughout the UK. This makes it possible to enjoy our high standard of service delivery anywhere in Britain. And if you need some assistance with planning a last-minute relocation, you have us in your corner.

Woods has a rigorous health and safety set of procedures we apply for every removal and storage job. That’s why we have a specific Covid-19 Policy to safeguard our customers and team members from the risk of becoming ill. Every removal’s van has PPE and disinfectants as standard, with any additional safety equipment available if needed.

Our assessors are experts and have decades of removals and storage experience. They will discuss your circumstances in detail to see how urgent your relocation is. From our side of things, there’s no need to postpone or cancel any relocations.

Woods Removals Top Five Lockdown Tips –

  • Prepare for the worst – This might sound a bit cynical, but it’s worth preparing for the worst-case scenario. By doing this, you’ll know exactly what to do if you need an emergency relocation. We suggest asking us for a free quotation if you think this might happen to you.
  • Storage as a backup plan – It’s not widely known that many relocations require some form of storage. For people in a chain mortgage process, you might have a gap in moving dates. Many businesses need to shut temporarily, with their staff working from home. They then store their equipment, goods, and tools in storage.
  • Contact Woods Removals straight away – Even if it’s to discuss a possible relocation or another service, please contact us. We will happily walk you through our removals and related packages, with a free, no-obligation quote you can keep for a later date.
  • Declutter and organise your home – Why not take your mind of the lockdown and pandemic by doing some organising? There’s nothing like a good declutter and clean to improve your living spaces. It might even give you some ideas for redecorating and other DIY projects.
  • Have plenty do to in house – Without entertainment, you’ll end up climbing the walls! This is particularly true for parents with children, especially toddlers. Whether this means dusting the board games off or subscribing to Netflix, it’s an important thing to have ready.

How to Book an Emergency Relocation –

The first thing you should do without hesitation is to contact our team as soon as possible. You won’t have any obligation to book with us, so it’s worth getting a quotation. Plus, you’ll be able to discuss our removals services in more detail in case you have any questions. We’ll assess your requirements and suggest the most cost-effective removal service while advising how urgent your relocation is.

Woods has an excellent Man & Van package which is ideal for emergency relocations in Dorset. It’s our most affordable option and comes with two experts removal’s crew members to do all the heavy-lifting work. For properties with three or more bedrooms, it’s usually better to use one of our larger vehicles from our Home Removals service.

By booking with Woods, we’ll help you create a moving checklist and any other planning tasks. We’ll then calculate your moving timeline and get things in place to start straight away in it’s necessary. It’s all part of our drive for a higher standard of removals service where every customer has a successful relocation.

Linking Removals and Storage from One Company –

There are lots of excellent reasons to book your relocation with Woods Removals. We do our best to make things easier for our customers by offering as many options as possible. You won’t need to use multiple service providers because we link our removal and storage packages together. This enables us to offer seamless relocations with storage as an add-on service.

Woods’ Man & Van removals service is ideal for those who have fewer possessions to transport. It’s a popular service for people moving out of apartments and for inter-county moves. The smaller vehicles are ideal for loading and unpacking in busy areas. Our Home Removals service works better for properties with three or more bedrooms.

We have a broad selection of removal’s vans at our disposal, making it possible to take on any size or type of relocation. Furthermore, we work with thousands of businesses in Dorset every year, providing holistic business and commercial removals services.

Storage gives the ultimate level of protection for your belongings or work’s equipment. For people who need a short-term storage option with unlimited access, we will usually suggest self storage. Woods also provides container storage, which tends to work better for long-term periods of storage.

Performing Safe Removals and Storage Services –

The Woods team have a huge amount of gratitude for being able to work through the pandemic. However, this doesn’t mean there’s room for complacency. The safety of our customers and crew is the number one priority for every job. We have a Covid-19 Health and Safety Policy which we apply and follow in detail. Every Woods Removals van has PPE and disinfectant products as standard.

As per official guidance from the World Health Organisation, it’s best practice to limit interactions between people you don’t live with. With this in mind, our assessors use video chat software to conduct inquiries and bookings. Additionally, we will discuss the arrangements for the moving day to ensure social distancing protocols are possible.

The moving team will clean and disinfect every surface and frequently touched objects as they pack and load. At several points, they’ll reapply hand sanitiser and wipe down any removals tools and equipment. While this might add an extra thirty or sixty minutes to the day’s schedule, maintaining a safe working environment is critical to the pandemic response.

Always Use Online Removals Reviews –

It’s hard to imagine it now but trying to find a removals company with a good reputation was a difficult task before the internet. People would rely on word of mouth recommendations, or they might gamble with an unknown business from the phone book. Thankfully, we now have review websites like Trustpilot and rating platforms like Google Live a few clicks away.

Most review and rating websites have two main functions where you can see testimonials from previous customers. The first is a mark out of five for the overall service. This has a section for a short review. It’s a good idea to only work with companies with an average of four stars and up, ideally aiming for something closer to five.

This is how you can stack the odds in your favour because these review and rating platforms swing the balance of power to consumers. However, it’s not the only method available, and we also advise contacting any prospective company directly to gauge their response. If you receive useful information in a professional and friendly way, then it’s likely you’re speaking to someone from Woods Removals.

Woods Removals – Dorset’s Lockdown Removals and Storage Services –

The latest national lockdown is unlikely to have any positive feedback. It’s easy to see why people are beginning to feel the strain of more restrictions. This leads to a greater chance of taking no action because of pandemic fatigue. However, we believe the best course of action is to be proactive and prepare for what might happen.

You can be sure of one thing – Wood Removals has your back if you need last-minute removal or storage services. It’s also worth remembering that preparation and planning can reduce stress because you know what to do if problems occur. A high standard of customer service is something we strive for, which includes in-depth health and safety guidelines.

If you’d like to discuss our range of removal and storage services in more detail, please contact us today. You don’t have to worry about emergency relocations because we have the right package for your needs.