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Going Green and Making a Sustainable Home in Dorset

Posted on April 25, 2021 by Shaun Vallance
Going Green and Making a Sustainable Home in Dorset

Whether you plan on relocating this year or beginning home and garden upgrades, people are actively seeking something different in 2021. This provides the perfect opportunity to also think about things like environmental impact. Going green is more than a buzzword, and it’s now finding unexpected momentum from the wider business sector. But how does this play out on an entry-level position for the typical homeowner?

At Woods Removals, we’re very aware of our company’s effect on the community of Dorset and beyond. We’re striving to continue our greener removals protocols and be mindful of carbon emissions. Wherever possible, we urge everyone to do the same and proactively undertake reductions. Now let’s get into the details to see the pragmatic steps to an eco-friendlier home. 

Environmentally Sound Households in Dorset –

This year, there will most likely be lots of changes; many will look at home improvements as a means of renewal. Others might even think about moving to a new house or flat in a different area to start again. Either way, there will likely be plenty of adjustments happening in Dorset. And climate change will continue to be a primary focus.

The shift towards sustainability is gaining more traction, especially amongst the mainstream media in Britain. Technology advances provide a means to an end where everyone, regardless of income or status, can have their say. Renewable energy is more prevalent and accessible than ever before. Now, we can all play our part by understanding carbon output and reducing it wherever possible.

Woods Removals understands that our role within our local, county, and national community requires us to have environmental protections in place. We strive to perform efficient removals to make sure we’re doing our part. Our assessment team achieves this by planning every removal job in detail with a view of lowering any carbon emissions. Furthermore, we recycle and repurpose materials if they’re usable.

This blog will delve into the practical ways people can take action and work towards having an eco-friendly home. Households can go green and enjoy the benefits that come with it, including fighting against global warming.

Reduce Energy Consumption Effortlessly –

Turn Off at the Plug – Leaving your appliances on standby needlessly uses up energy. Turn them off, and you could see small improvements to your bills. It’s a win for lowering pointless carbon emissions via energy wastage.

Switch to Renewable Energy – Changing your energy supplier to one that’s 100% renewable is the most accessible route to enhancing your household’s carbon footprint. Switching is simple as well; plus, all the electricity you use is effectively carbon neutral, so another big win for the environment and you.

Reduce Food Waste – Over seven million tons of food waste happens in the UK every year, which we can all remedy. This isn’t just a silly waste of food and money; it adds to the creation of Co2 originating from landfills.

Grow Vegetables – This links nicely with the previous point as you can create a compost bin. Growing veg is an excellent way to save money, and it’s also a great way to cut down your carbon footprint and be eco-friendly. Windowsill boxes work for herbs and small veg and a larger container for bigger vegetables or an old tyre with soil for potatoes.

Recycle and Reduce Using Plastic – You can recycle almost everything, from batteries, paper, glass and even cars. Before you throw it away, take a minute to find out if you could recycle it instead.  Using less plastic isn’t as difficult as you might think. Take reusable bags to the supermarket, don’t use single-plastic bags for fruit and veg, and avoid bottled water.

Improve Home insulationInsulating your home is one of the best eco-friendly tips for your home that we can suggest. You’ll reduce carbon emissions while saving money on your energy bills. The initial cost will be a quick return on investment.

Buy Local for Kinder Carbon Output – From clothes to food, the closer to home these products are made and bought, the less carbon occurs from their transportation. You’ll also be supporting your local economy!

Using and/or Installing Renewable Energy –

This one might be a bit out of most people’s reach because of the upfront costs, but it does make investment sense to consider installing renewable energy. Playing the long game, you’ll reduce your monthly utility bills and carbon output. Solar energy panels have come a long way in the last thirty years, and even the colder, cloudier parts of the UK can utilise solar power.

Solar panels are usually installed on rooftops to get the most benefit from the sun and be effective. New solar panel designs are coming onto the market, most notably the solar shingles. Solar energy is diverse in its design and application, with technology such as solar water heating. This is an alternative to central gas heating, which would either replace this system or as an easement between the two modes.

Although most people use an installer, it’s possible to fit your own solar panels. And Woods Removals has a range of services to make your DIY renewable energy project a success. Our Man & Van removal service is ideal for transporting the solar panels and installation tools. You can also use our self storage units to house all equipment as you upgrade your property. Renewable energy products are expensive, and storage is perfect for protecting them from damage or theft.

Lowering Emissions and Offsetting Carbon –

Previously, although those who understand global warming’s terminology would realise the importance of carbon emissions, the general public was less clued up. That’s all changing now, and it’s now a mainstream talking point. Additionally, carbon footprint calculators are available online to use. However, it does require you to get some pieces of information together.

Once you know your carbon footprint, you can start making changes to reduce any bad habits or practices. Some are simple – reuse or recycle wherever possible and cut out unnecessary things like single-use plastic. One of the best options is to avoid putting anything directly into a landfill via your bin.

Similarly, try to avoid wasting food and consume less. Although a big weekly shop seems like a good idea, some of that will likely go over its use-by date. If you have food items that you don’t want, donate them to your local food bank or homeless organisation. Try and avoid buying imported food and beverages and cut down on your meat consumption. Even some fundamental changes will make a big difference.

Recycling and Repurposing in Dorset –

It’s possible for those who do things in an environmentally conscious way to clean and declutter soundly. If you feel something is in good enough condition, then there are lots of places that will accept donations. Most upcycle collectives will repurpose things like furniture to sell at a modest price. And this helps people on low incomes find good quality furniture.

It’s also a good idea to see what you can repurpose for your home and garden. Plastic yoghurt and ice cream tubs are useful for small storage pots and generally last as long as Tupperware. And things like wooden crates make affordable garden furniture if you’re willing to do the work yourself. Alternatively, if you have any pallets, there will be plenty of people willing to take them off your hands.

Dorset has lots of recycling points in places all around the county; you’ll usually find them outside supermarkets. You can check out this link to see the closest one to you. There are council initiatives that make it possible to recycle at least 50% of your waste. You can read up on Dorset’s local provisions and schemes for recycling here.

The main thing to remember is we’re looking at new approaches to reducing waste. That means separating glass, cardboard, and plastic so they can be recycled. Additionally, you might also consider creating a compost bin to increase your drive to reduce waste. Moreover, we should try and think about the things we purchase and steer clear of items that have single-use packaging and utensils.

Booking a Greener Removals Provider –

We can’t speak for other removals companies in Dorset, but at Woods Removals, we’re always looking at ways to become a greener removal and storage provider. We reuse all our removal boxes and packing materials if they’re usable. And for anything that is no longer of a suitable standard of use, we’ll either repurpose it or recycle it. We do our best to make sure hardly anything ends up in the bin.

The Woods Removals team is big on recycling everything possible, and we make regular stops at the various points in Dorset. It’s possible to help customers do this for unwanted storage or removal items; we’ll try and accommodate it. The local charity and upcycling collectives are always looking for donations, and we also suggest you think of this when decluttering.

For us, the most crucial thing any company can do to improve their impact on the environment is efficiency. This is the primary way every business can reduce carbon emissions, even more so in our industry. To do this, we assess and plan every removal job to find the shortest distance possible. Additionally, we’ll arrange a moving time to avoid traffic or any similar delays.

Woods Removals – Ushering in a New Sustainable Era in Dorset –

The Woods Removals team takes our role in the community of Dorset’s business sector seriously. We know that we contribute towards the county’s total carbon output, so we ensure every removal job is done efficiently. When we make a job assessment, the type of vehicle and route, we take factor in using less fuel. And wherever possible, we reuse packing materials and recycle diligently.

Our team leaves nothing to chance and pays attention to every detail to reduce emissions and wastages. We also give our customers suggestions on the way to assist us. Decluttering is an excellent way to reduce your items before your relocation. You can then donate or recycle the things you no longer use.

Woods Removals works with hundreds of domestic and business customers who are making positive environmental steps. Every process we undertake as a business promotes efficiency and recycling. We’re here to help Dorset move further towards a carbon-neutral era.

If you would like to discuss ways to go green this year, contact us today. The Woods Removals team are part of the positive push towards an eco-friendlier Dorset.