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Escaping to France from Dorset – High-Quality International Removals

Posted on March 30, 2022 by Shaun Vallance
Escaping to France from Dorset – High-Quality International Removals

Many of us dream of selling up and having an overseas adventure, especially when we see what France has to offer. The idea of having a cappuccino in cosmopolitan Paris or picking up a fresh baguette in Èze would be a delightful start to the day. However, many people think this is not easy in a post-Brexit reality with the UK outside of Europe. Is it still possible to take a leaf out of the Strawbridge’s book and escape to your chateau in rural France?

Now that the UK has left the EU, there are more restrictions, but it’s a case of a few more obstacles than derailing your plans. You can turn your fantasy into reality in 2022 with a few more steps than previously in place. Every relocation comes with other things to consider. Woods Removals is here to guide you through the tangled web of European relocations.

Our Guide for Relocating from Dorset to France –

It might sound fanciful to speak about heading over to France to start a new chapter. After all, Escape to the Chateau is a popular TV series, but surely you won’t find people doing this in real life? One of the many benefits of working in the removals industry is the unique insights. We literally help those who turn these flighty ambitions into reality several times a month.

Let’s be clear about what we’re discussing in this article before we get carried away by the allure of excellent wine and fresh croissants. Here’s an overview of the topics:

  1. The most comprehensive European removals in Dorset
  2. How to create and use an international level moving checklist
  3. Learning French and the importance of immersing yourself in their culture
  4. The ins and outs of property ownership and visa information
  5. Why it’s vital to work with a reputable moving company

The above list isn’t exhaustive, and you’ll need to fill in the blanks here and there. We aim to go over some of the salient aspects that every European relocation is subject to. Each EU country has separate visa and immigration rules, property ownership, and other regulations. Luckily, there are experts you can discuss your move with who will offer you specialist services.

The Highest Standards for European Removals –

Relocating to another city is a challenge for anyone, but things scale upwards in complexity when it involves another country. This is a big change in your life, and you’ll need to enlist the services and advice from experts at every stage. When you book with Woods Removals, you’ll enjoy the same high level of expertise from a team of accomplished professionals to do it properly.

Most removals companies offer international removals as part of their range. But few can do it to a high standard to give you enough confidence to let them get on with things.

Here are some of the important functions of Woods Removals’ European and International removal services:

  • A tailored service as per your budget and specifications.
  • Complete knowledge of expert requirements for items.
  • Door-to-door service with packing and unpacking available.
  • Realtime updates on the shipment status.
  • Road, air, and sea freight options.
  • Industry-standard packaging and protective measures.
  • International removal consultant option.
  • Full 20 or 40-foot containers, in addition to groupage and part-loads.
  • Self storage for staggered relocations.

At Woods Removals, we go the extra mile to accommodate specific requirements. We approach every inquiry with a positive outlook and a mindset of problem-solvers. If you have concerns about fragile objects or particularly valuable items, we’ll ensure they receive specialist treatment. That’s why we’re the trusted international movers in Dorset and are renowned for our quality.

We’re part of the Master Removers Group, which provides us with access to removal and storage depots all over the UK and Europe. This is a vital component of a comprehensive European removals job, giving us the option of somewhere safe and secure to stopover. While we rarely have to perform this, it’s better to have a backup option available.

Your Comprehensive Moving Checklist – 

Now let’s look at a practical task that you should start as soon as possible. Your moving checklist is the master document that acts as an anchor for your entire relocation. Whenever you feel a loss of focus – you simply refer to it. If you’re unsure what action to take next – repeat the same step. If you look at the list below, these are the action points that tie into your international moving checklist.

Here’s an overview of each duty you’ll need to fulfil for a relocation to France:

  1. List every task for your relocation.
  2. Use a blank calendar to map a timeline.
  3. Assign tasks from the list on a calendar.
  4. Research removals companies and seek quotes.
  5. Check online ratings on Google and Trustpilot.
  6. Balance the two and choose the most suitable company.
  7. Book your relocation to France with Woods Removals.
  8. Contact utility providers and council to relay departure details and dates.
  9. See FAQs section for visa and property rental/ownership information.
  10. Start learning French and research more about your new location.
  11. Double-check each point two weeks before your move.

As you can see, the points on the above list contain a significant level of planning and execution. Therefore, it helps to break them into smaller tasks for ease of completion. We also suggest using your checklist with a blank calendar to set up a moving timeline. You’ll then know precisely how long you have until the big move arrives, and you can assign tasks to each week.

This overview will need some input from you for any personal considerations, such as specialist healthcare and education. If you go through the steps in the list, you’ll be well on your way to thoroughly preparing for your relocation to France. And one of your first tasks will be contacting Woods Removals to discuss the particulars of your move.

Learning French and Understanding the Culture – 

Moving abroad doesn’t end when you unpack and begin settling into your new home. Integrating into the customs and culture is crucial to your long-term ambitions. And if you struggle to do this, the likelihood of returning to the UK is high. That’s why it’s vital you start learning the French language and researching important cultural information now.

You’ll indeed learn more French while you experience it daily but having basic conversational skills will help you in the early period. Getting directions, asking the time, doing your grocery shopping, and meeting and greeting your neighbours and locals will make all the difference. It will endear you to the community by taking their customs seriously.

You’ll also be surprised at how straightforward learning a new language is. There are several new apps to download for Android and Apple devices. They’re relatively cheap, and you can learn at your own pace, with additional resources available. If you prefer a more structured environment, you’ll find adult learning classes in Dorset.

Property Ownership and Visa FAQs – 

Are there obstacles to owning property in France? While you can still buy properties in France, there are rule changes for usage. This aligns with the new post-Brexit visa regulations regarding the length of stay. This also applies to renting.

How difficult is it to get a visa? It depends on how long you intend to reside in France. You can still own a second property and visit France without a visa for ninety days. However, you’ll need to apply for a long-term residency visa if you plan on making France your home.

Do I have to retire to reside in France? No, you don’t have to retire officially. There might not be any advantage to doing so if you’re below the typical retirement age. Therefore, you’ll have to apply for the same residency visas as any foreign national.

Can I work and live in France? If you’re relocating for work purposes, it’s advisable to use your company’s HR for the visa process. For anyone who plans to start a business, specific regulations prevent you from doing this on a temporary visa.

Is it more difficult to get a visa after Brexit? This depends on your length of stay. For example, if you plan on relocating permanently, you’ll need to apply for a Visa Long Séjour valant Titre de Séjour. You can stay in France for 90 days without a visa, but a more extended period requires you to apply for a VLS-Temporaire Visiteur.

Are there any additional taxes for foreign nationals? Virtually all taxation depends on what type of visa you apply for. Even if you own a second home but limit your visits to ninety days, you won’t be subject to certain taxes. However, there might be property tax to consider, so undertake thorough research.

Never Compromise on Customer Service –

All things succeed or fail in the planning stages for any relocation. The decision with the highest risk is performing a European move yourself. There are so many things that can go wrong; you’ll ultimately be relying on blind faith. The stakes don’t go down much if you choose a moving company solely based on their low prices. This is a sure-fire way to increase your stress levels and put your belongings in harm’s way.

Don’t fixate on low costs – they might shoot up when damage or breakages occur. Plus, you’ll need to send your intentions to your insurance provider to ensure you don’t void your policy. Some insurers stipulate clauses that require you to use a professional moving company to pack and transport your possessions. You can imagine how badly this will turn out if you ignore this and a problem arises.

By checking Google and Trustpilot, you’ll see what any prospective moving company rates out of five. Similarly, read the written testimonials from previous customers to gauge what service you’re likely to receive. Likewise, we ask that you check our ratings and testimonials and read our BAR accreditation and Quality Policy.

Woods Removals provides our customers with affordable rates and an unbeatable level of customer service. Moreover, you can enjoy the best of both situations with a balance that ensures a positive moving experience.

Woods Removals – Dorset’s Number One for Relocations to France –

We hope this blog will provide you with some hands-on advice and give you more confidence in your decision. We can attest to how regularly we perform moves to France and throughout the continent. You can be forgiven for thinking this is an unrealistic venture, but it’s feasible, with the correct level of preparation and working with Dorset’s favourite moving company.

From your first call or email, we’ll match the most suitable package with your requirements. The Woods Removals team are happy to discuss your relocation abroad at any stage, even if you’re planning or getting quotes. We strive to reach the highest level of customer care and service delivery, which are vital parts of any successful relocation to France.

It’s time to start taking your ambitions and forming them into an upcoming relocation. If you’re ready to plan a move to France from the UK, click here, and we’ll give you a free, no-obligation quote.