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How to survive moving day 

Posted on October 25, 2022 by Shaun Vallance
How to survive moving day 

On the stress spectrum, moving house can rank quite highly.  The whole process of selling up, exchanging, packing, and moving can take its toll.  However, it doesn’t have to be the ordeal that it is commonly held to be.  With 150 years in the trade, at Woods removals, we have seen the times change and customers’ needs evolve.  Having a clear moving plan with professional help can be worth its weight in gold when embarking upon a fresh start, or new stage in life.  Often in life we learn from mistakes, so here are 6 common pitfalls to avoid.  If you consider these in advance and get a professional plan in place, you should be set to thrive not survive on the big day. 

6 mistakes people make when moving house

  • Leaving packing to last minute
  • Not hiring a professional team
  • Underestimating their amount of furniture 
  • Not using an inventory system for packing and unpacking
  • Not calculating dimensions of furniture to fit the space
  • Not packing a Moving Day Survival Kit 

Moving Strategy 

Any significant maneuver needs a good strategy, but all too often people find themselves winging it through the moving process.  Looking at the mistakes people make can help you construct a strategy. Any skilled and experienced removals and storage company will be able to advise and put one in place for you.  By discussing your situation with the professionals, you will be able to find out if adding a storage plan to your move could make things flow better.  Similarly, they will be able to come and estimate your removal needs and plan storage, vehicle size, and packing and unpacking plans accordingly.  That way you will not have any unexpected surprises on the day.  You will be able to budget in advance and understand the costs accordingly.  All these factors will allow you more peace of mind at the time of the move.  

Moving Day Survival Kit 

The Moving Day Survival Kit is an essential part of the moving strategy.  It is key to helping you when you get to the other side and are ready to establish yourself in your new home.  Essentially, the survival kit is your start-up box for what awaits you at your new address.  A good moving strategy ensures that your possessions are systematically packed with an inventory on a room-by-room basis.  That way you can gradually unpack each room in order of significance, without turning your new home into a site of chaos. A thorough survival kit will consider what you may need to function for the first few nights in your new home.  Your survival kit travels with you, and not with the removal’s vehicles, so as soon as you arrive you are ready to get going. 

 15 Essentials for the Survival Kit 

  • Mobile phones/chargers/battery packs
  • Medications/hearing aids/glasses/
  • Four way plug sockets/power extenders
  • Tea, Coffee, Milk, Water, Sugar 
  • Cleaning Products including binbags and gloves
  • Bedding for each person in the family
  • Towels and basic cosmetics/shampoos/grooming kit
  • Toilet paper 
  • Set of clothes for the next day 
  • Cutlery, crockery and cups for each person in the family
  • Kettle, toaster
  • Breakfast for the next day and basic food supplies
  • Basic DIY kit 
  • Speakers/radio/music
  • Champagne 

Pack a survival kit Room by Room 

One way to be sure you have extracted the essentials for each member of your household is to pack for the survival kit room by room.  Essentially, you will want to set up the kitchen first, as we all know that beverages are the foundation of any kind of success.  In the packing process, try to keep what is essential out of the larger boxes and stash it away for the survival kit.  Children’s toys and laptops may need to travel with you, along with pets’ water and food bowls.  Establishing a familiar sense of routine in the new place will help keep stress and disorientation down.  As you are going to probably unpack garage/basement/shed stuff last, you may want to pack a comprehensive DIY survival kit.  That way if problems arise you will be equipped to meet them head-on. 

Unpacking Strategy 

Sometimes the timing of a move is far from convenient, and so you will want to be able to unpack slowly whilst upholding your work and school commitments.  By establishing the public spaces first, and getting them comfortable and homely, everything will flow better.  Waiting for key furniture to be delivered can be a problem if there are delays, so as best you can, plan in advance so that you know when everything will be ready to set up.   There are many traditions around housewarming, and some really emphasize the importance of a positive experience in your new home from the get-go.  That is why, once you are reasonably set up, you can break out the champagne and have a little celebration.  You have finally reached your destination.  It may have taken months of viewings, negotiations, and tension around contracts and surveyors, but now that is all behind you. 

Speak to the professionals 

With our wealth of experience in Dorset, as one of the leading removals companies we are happy to share our knowledge with you.  We can put one of our estimators in touch with you and come and visit your home to assess your removals and storage needs.  Taking into consideration the rhythm of your life and timing, plus lots of details related to the locations we will come up with a clear quotation.   If you want to go ahead with our trusted assistance, we will be available for you throughout the process for support and to iron out any details that arise.  We can remind you to make sure you will have power in the next location, and help you to ensure your deep freeze can remain frozen through the process. Our handy checklist will guide you away from unforeseen stressful situations.  As professionals in the removals industry, we are BAR approved and members of the  MRG.  These pillars of assurance mean we are at the top of our trade, and you can trust us to deliver excellent service.  Our reviews confirm that other customers would agree! 

Quality Dorset Removals and Storage 

Whether it is packing, handling, or taking care of antiques, artworks and other valuables, our team are highly skilled.  As members of the Master Removers Group we have access to the best equipment and vehicles.  Our network means that we have access to various storage units across the country and can offer you competitive rates for our quality services. Plus, all our experience in the area means we have any situation in Dorset totally in hand.  If you are not familiar with the area, we are happy to help and get you settled in this beautiful part of England.  With office removals, man and van services, and international removals we can extend our services to whatever your circumstances. For a friendly chat about any of your removal questions get in touch here.