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Man & Van and Storage Benefits for Small Businesses in Dorset

Posted on April 25, 2024 by Shaun Vallance
Man & Van and Storage Benefits for Small Businesses in Dorset

Being a business owner or starting a small business in Dorset takes lots of planning and awareness of new working methods that can help. It’s great to be your own boss, and small businesses are vital to Dorset’s business community and local economy. This is a lesser-known fact for SMEs in Dorset. New or current businesses can reduce costs using a man and van and storage services.

Woods Removals offers a range of business packages designed to help companies lower their running costs. Regardless of your business sector, significant savings are possible if you’re open to making changes. As advocates for SMEs in Dorset, we’re here to help your company thrive and succeed in the year ahead, all while reducing your operational expenses. Our team, with their expertise and professionalism, is dedicated to your success. 


  • What is a Man & Van Service in Dorset? 
  • Why Storage is Beneficial for Small Businesses
  • Why Choose Man & Van Services for Your Dorset Business
  • The Process of Using Man & Van Services
  • Understanding Storage Solutions for Dorset Small Businesses
  • Maximising the Benefits of Combined Man & Van and Storage Services
  • Choosing the Right Man & Van and Storage Provider in Dorset

What is a Man & Van Service in Dorset?

Our Woods Removals Man & Van service is the epitome of convenience and efficiency, making it the perfect removal package for small businesses in Dorset. Each man with a van job is handled by a team of two, fully trained and experienced in removals and related trades. Your small business can operate without a vehicle, as we care for all your collections and deliveries.

We ensure all the necessary equipment and packaging are in our vans before collection. Our team will safeguard your company’s items against damage or breakages by ensuring proper procedures are in place. The most critical actions are protecting each item with the packaging and placing it in our removal vehicle.

Woods Removals is happy to make collections and deliveries from anywhere in Dorset and the surrounding areas, giving you the flexibility to focus on your business. For us, it’s essential that we relieve the burden of arranging and overseeing the logistics side of your business. Furthermore, it saves you from taking a team member away from their regular duties to do this.

Why Storage is Beneficial for Small Businesses

A storage unit from Woods Removals can be much more than just a storage space. It can serve as your dedicated base of operations, a stock room, and even a basic office space. This versatility is a growing trend in start-up and SME circles, offering flexible workspace options that can adapt to your business needs.

It’s straightforward to set up and get going. All you need is a desk, a chair, a laptop or a PC, and a router. Add a filing cabinet or two, and you have yourself an office. You can then split the storage unit in half to have your office on one side and your stock and equipment on the other. Many e-commerce companies that are just starting find these arrangements ideal for daily operations.

At Woods Removals, we have excellent storage options and on-site amenities to cater to any small business in Dorset. We provide various storage services, including container and self storage units. If circumstances change, you can upgrade or downsize your storage unit size.

Why Choose Man & Van Services for Your Dorset Business

There are a few considerations when choosing the best removal service for your business. A man with a van package gives you cost savings compared to companies that only use larger moving vans.

Don’t Buy or Lease Company Vehicles

Your company could eliminate the need to buy or lease vehicles—use a man with a van on an ad hoc basis to lower expenses and initial investment in vans or cars instead.

Higher Handling Standards

Higher standards than courier companies are far cheaper—experts handle, pack, and collect/deliver your goods/materials.

Efficient, Flexible Usage

You receive more flexibility in scheduling and service options—we’ll work on a schedule to ease this. We also provide efficient collections and deliveries, balancing the fastest route without compromising quality and safety standards.

Time-Served Professionals

Every member of Woods Removals has experience in removal and storage and is a natural problem-solver. You’ll receive frequent notifications for every collection and delivery to keep you updated.

The Process of Using Man & Van Services

We recommend a minimum of three months of preparation time for business relocations. This is due to the complex nature of commercial moves, which require on-site inspections of both locations. One key factor is reducing downtime with thorough planning and managerial oversight.

As noted earlier in this blog, we’re also considering using man & van services for collections and deliveries. We’ll work with your company to map out what this might look like on an ongoing basis to ensure we have teams ready to achieve the job.

The earlier we receive the booking, the more beneficial it is for everyone and helps us prepare correctly. That said, this isn’t always possible for last-minute requirements – the good news is that we have a network of partners in the Master Removers Group to help us when we’re fully booked.

We always provide a complete assessment, resulting in a quotation detailing the most suitable service for your business’s needs. This gives you the total costs without hidden fees and a breakdown of the service’s components.

Understanding Storage Solutions for Dorset Small Businesses

We have four storage options: domestic, commercial archive, and trade self storage (metal containers). Our warehouse can also accommodate large items. With prices starting from £14.00 per week, we’re confident we can provide the proper storage for you while helping you keep your overheads low.

Don’t worry if this sounds confusing—we’ll assess your needs thoroughly to help you find the correct storage package. Self storage is generally more expensive, but it has no access time restrictions—you can come and go as you please during business hours.

Container storage is a different story because it’s more affordable, but there are limits to how often you can access your unit. That’s because we seal every container before entering it into a stacking system. This is fantastic and adds another layer of security, but the downside is that retrieval is trickier and requires several days’ notice to enact

Regardless, we will assist you at every stage to ensure you receive the best storage for your enterprise. We’ll also check in with you to see if your circumstances are the same or if another storage package is more suitable.

Maximising the Benefits of Combined Man & Van and Storage Services

Now, we move on to the final piece of the jigsaw: putting everything together. Man & van and storage services fit seamlessly if you use the right company. The next section will discuss how to find high-level service providers like us.

Woods Removals team frequently works with businesses with storage units to move goods and materials in and out. That means coordinating and linking them together as one collated service. We also offer local business distribution, which involves coupling storage as your stock control and using man-and-van vehicles to complete the logistics chain.

We go above and beyond to help provide unique solutions to meet specific business needs. Wherever possible, we’ll group things together to remove friction for you. That’s the advantage of working with a moving company that does everything under one roof.

Choosing the Right Man & Van and Storage Provider in Dorset

Now that we’ve discussed the benefits of man and van and storage for SMBs in Dorset, how do you find a good one? You should ask this question whenever you need to outsource and find a credible subcontractor. Luckily, we now have the means to do so rather than simply asking family and friends.

Google is an excellent place to start because it provides ratings for any business that has a live presence online. Look for ratings of 4.5 and higher because they give you a better chance of quality service. Also, read the reviews from previous customers and contact each company directly to gauge professionalism.

Ask if they’re accredited by BAR (British Association of Removers) or have an equivalent quality policy. It can’t hurt to refer to their terms and conditions and FAQs. Ask for a quotation and whether they apply hidden fees – this should be free, and no one should pressure you to sign up.

Woods Removals – Dorset’s Leading Man & Van and Storage Company

Woods Removals has over 165 years of removals and storage experience, and our dedicated team of experts will be on hand to assist you with any collection and delivery requirements. We offer various services that make us the company for all your relocation and storage specifications. Woods Removals has everything your business needs under one roof.

The Woods Removals’ ethos is to provide excellent customer service that treats everyone individually. We thoroughly assess every removal and storage inquiry to ensure we understand your company’s requirements. If we need to clarify anything, we will send one of our team members to review any specific details.

Regardless of your sector, we have the correct service for you. You’re in safe hands when you choose Woods Removals to collect or deliver your items in Dorset. Our team comprises experts who pack and load vehicles to prevent damage or breakages during transit. Our reception staff can also accept packages and other small deliveries on your behalf.

If you want more information on our range of services, contact us today. We’re confident that our removals and storage packages will add value to your business in Dorset.