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Organising an International Relocation in Lockdown

Posted on February 22, 2021 by Shaun Vallance
Organising an International Relocation in Lockdown

The lockdown has made things like relocating a bit more complicated, although it depends on which removals company you book. Whenever the scale of something increases, the difficulty levels go up as well, which is valid for any long-distance move. Some people might be thinking – is it even possible to organise and book an international relocation during the lockdown?

If you work with Woods Removals, it’s possible to enjoy a successful relocation overseas, even during the pandemic. There are some additional factors to consider, which is why we’re publishing this article. We’ll go through what we are able to offer, as well as the research you’ll need to start to ensure your international move is successful. 

Are Emergency International Moves Allowed During Lockdown? 

On the 8th of March, the current lockdown restrictions are due to end. Until then, overseas travel has severe limitations in place, which means any relocations will need to happen after this date. We’re still waiting to see the new government response going forward, but we expect international travel to return throughout 2021 gradually.

Woods Removals has an International Removals package, so we’re receiving questions regarding this service’s availability. We discuss every overseas relocation on a case-by-case basis because there’s more to organise and evaluate. The reason why is because these jobs involve at least two different countries, each with differing infection levels and border control regulations.

From our side of things, we are willing to go through the process with you. We’ll assess your requirements in full to ascertain what we’re moving for you. This gives us a starting point for what vehicle and team members we need to assign. Then, we’ll contact the authorities where you’re relocating to see their position on travel restrictions.

Woods Removals works with professional removals and storage providers throughout the UK. We utilise this network to pool information, in addition to having access to depots all over Britain. This makes long-distance relocations much easier to perform. It also means we can maintain our high standards of customer service for more complicated relocations.

Using Self Storage as a Contingency Plan – 

Self storage is the ideal back-up plan for anyone moving to a new house or apartment in another country. Many people link a Man & Van removals service with self storage, and one common scenario is delay in moving dates. While a moving-in day issue can initially cause panic, Woods Removals customers have the perfect contingency plan.

International relocations are notoriously time-consuming and have many caveats to consider. You might find yourself in a situation where you sell your property, only to learn of a delay in processing the sale at the other end. That’s why it’s crucial to understand the benefits of self storage and how it can safeguard your possessions. You’ll then be able to concentrate on sorting any issues out while you know your belongings are safe and secure.

Woods Removals has several storage unit sizes to choose from, with self storage and container storage options available. Every storage space has environmental controls to ensure your items won’t sustain any issues with cold or warm temperatures. We’ll provide you with advice on preparing your possessions before they enter storage. And our team will walk you through the process, giving you tips on creating an inventory and checking your insurance policy.

The Benefits of Thorough Research – Don’t Cut Corners – 

Undertaking extra research doesn’t sit well with everyone. Unfortunately, it’s a necessary evil for international relocations. You might have a busy schedule and family time to consider, and it’s tempting to skip a few details here and there. Ultimately, this will make things harder in the long run, so it’s important to get into the habit of doing research.

One area you’ll need to read up on is visas. You’ll need to understand the visa regulations in detail. And that’s not just for you; it’s applicable for everyone in your family. Every country has specific visa laws, even if they’re in the EU. This is why it’s crucial to back-up any research by consulting with an overseas visa expert.

Have you put any thought into things like learning a new language? It’s important to avoid making assumptions regarding people speaking English. For example, in the Netherlands, *the level of English literacy is very high. Whereas in Portugal, the number is much lower, at roughly 50%. And integration is essential for anyone moving to a new country.

You’ll find it’s easier to assimilate and integrate into your new town or city’s culture if you have a basic knowledge of their native tongue. The best way to do this is by speaking their language and understanding the local culture. So, it might be time to book some classes or download a language app to study.

*source at Dispatches Europe

Book Your International Removal Service with Us –

You should never rush into booking a removals service. Sadly, many removals providers are vying for your business, and most will say they can meet your specifications to secure a job. Sometimes they’re reliable and do a great job, but we’ve heard many stories of poor service, undue delays and things like breakages occurring.

Woods Removals is a member company of the Master Removers Group. This provides us with associate removals and storage providers who excel at customer service. Furthermore, each company has a branch or warehouse we can access throughout the UK. This is vital for long-distance relocations and allows us to reduce our costs significantly.

By choosing a reputable removals company like Woods Removals, you’re getting the best Dorset has to offer. We are the county’s number one for removals and storage services. That’s because we can successfully take on any type of removals job, and we always attain 100% customer satisfaction. When it comes to international relocations, we plan everything to ensure a high standard of service delivery.

Our team will bring all the suitable packing materials and will arrange to have everything ready before the day of the move. At least two team members will perform your relocation, and we are experts at handling tricky objects. You won’t have to worry about any issues with damage to your belongings, or the interior walls when we move items out.

Visit Your New Location More Than Once –

This is something you might get away with missing out on if you’re moving from one are to another town in Dorset. However, once you add the distance element into the equation, it will cause issues if you’re not familiar with the location. You’ll have to start by finding somewhere suitable to accommodate everyone’s needs for people with families.

Expand your research to include things like healthcare provisions and what’s available to non-nationals. For people with children, you’ll need to look into the education system and arrange school applications. And the school will insist on at least one meeting before the beginning of term. Then, see what information you can gather regarding local life and available amenities.

More than anything else, you’ll get to experience what life will be like there. And nothing beats first-hand knowledge and understanding of your new country. You can make some friends and get to know local hotspots for entertainment. Moreover, you’ll be more comfortable with your decision to move there, both for you and your family.

Double-Check Everything against a Moving Checklist – 

Now for the final step in the process – you need to double-check everything. You can start by contacting us to reconfirm all the details of your relocation. We’ll go back through every key point in your preparation to ensure nothing is outstanding. Then, we’ll create a schedule with deadlines to set specific times and tasks. A lead person will oversee your relocation and will be in contact with you at every stage.

When you first contact us, one of our suggestions will be to create a moving checklist. This comprehensive list will be your master document detailing every stage and aspect of your relocation. It will serve as the foundation of your move, and you can refer back to it as you organise and complete each task. You can read the Woods Removals checklist here, and we encourage you to add anything specific bits of information for your relocation.

It’s easy to lose focus when moving to a new home, especially if it’s in a different country. That’s why your moving checklist is there to remind you what’s outstanding and needs your attention. It will help if you use a blank calendar available to use with your list. Then you can count the days between now and your relocation. You’ll always know how long you have to get everything done.

Woods Removals – Making Sure You’re Ready for an International Relocation –

Woods Removals is Dorset’s number one for removals and storage, and we relocate hundreds of people every month. The best advice we can give anyone who’s moving is to start planning now. It’s crucial to do lots of research and preparation because you’ll be able to identify and fix any minor issues before they cause any undue delays. And we are here to assist you with advice and any relevant information.

Woods Removals is part of the Master Removers Group, an elite collective of partner removals and storage companies. This makes it possible for us to provide the highest standard of customer service at low rates. With depots and storage warehouses in strategic places all over the country, we can relocate you anywhere in the UK and Europe.

If you want to book with Dorset’s favourite removals company for your overseas relocation, please contact us today. We’ll make sure you have everything in place for a successful international move.