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Providing Removals from London to Dorchester

Posted on February 28, 2022 by Shaun Vallance
Providing Removals from London to Dorchester

In the last decade, the number of people who relocate from London to Dorset has risen significantly every year. It’s an easy decision because life is good in Dorset, and Dorchester is one of the most popular towns in the county. You can unwind and enjoy the sights and sounds here, a world away from the bustle and noises of the big cities. And the best part is, Dorset has excellent transport links which makes it simple enough to head back into London if you need to.

Woods Removals undertakes weekly relocations from London to Dorchester, sometimes several times during busy periods. Our rates are the best on the market, and we provide an excellent level of customer care that most removals companies can’t offer. There is no removals job we can’t undertake for our team and can collect you from anywhere in London. The Woods Removals team are grateful that Dorchester is our home, and we look forward to moving more people into Dorset in 2022.

Superior Removals from London to Dorchester –

Woods Removals has been operating in Dorset for over one hundred years. And in that time, we’ve never compromised an unshakable commitment to our customers. We’ve always made sure that each customer’s needs are our top priority. Although times change, and removals and storage has evolved a lot, the ethos of service delivery and customer satisfaction has always been the foundation of our company.

Many aspects need to work in unison to create a high standard of customer service. One of them is keeping prices at a reasonable level so that anyone can benefit from a reliable relocation. That’s why Woods Removals offers the best rates on the market in Dorset and the surrounding areas.

We’re the county’s number one domestic and business removals and storage provider. Because of our local reputation, we are also a member of the Master Removers Group. This elite network of removals, storage and logistics companies are in strategic locations around the UK and Ireland. As a result, we can offer the same high level of customer service nationwide.

The Woods Removals team have proven that we are the most reliable and reputable companyv in Dorchester and Dorset. This is why we represent our area in the Master Removers Group family. Providing the best removals job possible is our aim for every relocation we undertake, and that is something that will never change.

Providing Removals to the Dutchy of Cornwall Development in Poundbury –

The Duchy of Cornwall development in Poundbury continues to be an exciting prospect for Dorchester. With early estimates stating that the population of Poundbury is due to increase by 1500 by the time the development concludes in 2026. Presently, this urban extension has contributed a staggering £98 million to the local economy.

The Poundbury property development provides housing for all ages and is seen as an inclusive and progressive project. Affordable housing is an essential part of this development, with over one-third of the total allocation for this purpose. And when it comes to economic prosperity, you’ll find 207 businesses operating in the local area, employing 2,300 people.

Due to the initial interest from people in London, Woods Removals is already booking relocations to this area. Woods Removals has a range of removals services to fit any relocation situation. Our team has all the tools and expertise to safeguard your possessions at every stage of your relocation. We have a fleet of removal vehicles available and tailor the relocation to your specifications.

Other Housing Developments for People interested in Dorset –

As you might expect, there are several other property developments in Dorset when you arrange viewings. Some are up and running, with most selling their plots quickly, so you’ll need to be sharpish. Others have dates for completion in summer and winter 2022 but have plenty of online information you can look into. And due to the popularity of the county, there are more in the pipeline.

Huntick Green – The Village of Lytchett Matravers confidently boasts its position between some of Dorset’s popular spots while enjoying the quaint rural setting. The Huntick Green development is still in the works, but you can register interest with Morrish Homes to discuss their properties.

St Andrew’s Meadow – This brand-new housing estate of twenty-five homes (between two-four bedrooms) is only due for completion this summer. St Andrew’s Meadow is receiving plenty of interest even at this conceptual stage, so it’s worth further investigation.

Charminster Farm – The charming village of Charminster is a next-door neighbour of Dorchester, so you can arrange to view it on the same day as a visit to Poundbury. There are properties in Charminster Farm that are ready for sale now and another eighty-two in the works due by the end of 2022.

Rivers Edge – Head to Wimborne to check out their range of properties. Rivers Edge is currently in the second phase of development, with three parts in the planning stages. There are various types of housing available at reasonable prices.

The Benefits of Self Storage when Relocating –

Self storage plays a crucial role for many people when they relocate, and we’ll go through some examples. In the unlikely event of a delay, self storage is the best option to secure your belongings while you sort out any issues. Typically, you’ll already have arrangements to vacate your current property. Rather than ringing everyone you know to try and use their garage, contact us, and we’ll accommodate you, even for last-minute situations.

Many people use storage when moving to another part of the country or internationally. That’s because they might stagger their relocation into several factors, which might be for budget reasons or to retain items back home. Overseas moves sometimes don’t work out due to issues with integration and homesickness. That’s why it’s better to leave some things in storage for twelve months as a backup plan.

Packing can be a chore and a half, especially if you’re shifting boxes and furniture around to facilitate it. Save yourself the hassle – use self storage and reduce those relocation stress levels. You can pack containers then transport them to your unit, giving you more space. Then we’ll load your possessions directly from the storage unit on your moving day, making this a sensible and effortless choice.

Creating and Using a Moving Checklist –

Relocating is often synonymous with stress and chaos, and you’ll see many articles online stating this as fact. That’s because it’s mostly true, and you’ll probably find yourself doing a majority of the organising. Couple that with all the family chores and work tasks, and it becomes a bit overwhelming, even for the multitaskers out there. It’s no wonder people struggle to focus when trying to juggle everything.

That’s where a moving checklist becomes crucial and can act as your master plan. You list every task and use a blank calendar simultaneously. Depending on how early you start, this gives you a timeline and idea of how long until the big day is in weeks or months. Then you split the larger tasks into smaller chunks to make them manageable.

Try and complete at least three or four actions points a week (depending on the moving date). This will give you plenty of time to tackle any problems if they crop up. Remember that unforeseen events from your everyday life can cause a delay in your progress, so it’s worth factoring this into your plans. You’ll lower panic levels by starting as soon as possible because you’re giving yourself more time to complete tasks. Read an example of a moving checklist here and adapt to your situation.

Using Quotes and Reviews for a Successful Move –

You might wonder how to find a reliable company before using them, but it’s 100% possible, and we’ll explain how. Word of mouth is still a valuable tool in the 21st Century. But we have a better option doesn’t require asking everyone you know for recommendations. It’s possible to see what previous customers say about most companies online, and that’s by checking their Google and Trustpilot scores.

You’re looking for three things to increase the chances of excellent service delivery. The first is finding a moving company with plenty of five-star ratings. The second is looking on their website to see if they list a Quality Policy. Finally, contact them directly to rate their response, which can be a phone call or email, whichever you’re more comfortable with.

One final piece to this puzzle is to seek several quotes from different removal providers. You can compare the costs between each company and note their range of services. Then factor in the previous customer service indications to see what company looks the most promising. The Woods Removals team are confident that we can meet all these requirements and more.

Woods Removals – Dorchester and Dorset’s Favourite Removals Company –

At Woods Removals, we know that building close working relationships with our customers is vital. This is how we design and deliver our removals and storage packages. We encourage feedback to provide a range of services to cover as many situations as possible. That’s why we always have repeat customers who often recommend us to family, friends, and colleagues.

The Woods team prepares everything in detail well before the moving day. We have removals and storage packages to suit everyone’s needs, and we make sure they’re the most affordable rates on the market. Moreover, we believe that removals and storage should be available to all. That’s why we keep our prices as low as possible.

We plan every relocation job using the best times to avoid traffic. Our team knows every route to provide the most efficient and professional removals service available. This is a vital aspect to consider when taking on removals jobs from London. Every relocation we undertake ensures we provide an efficient and cost-effective service.

Woods Removals is Dorchester’s favourite removals company, and we’re the right choice for all relocations to Poundbury and throughout Dorset. Contact us today, and we’ll provide more details about our range of services.