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Office and commercial removals & Storage services.

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Commercial & Office Removals Dorset

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At Woods Removals, we have an experienced corporate removals department, ready to undertake all kinds of office and commercial relocations in Dorset and beyond. We have all the necessary knowledge for getting you and your team into new premises with as little disruption and down-time as possible so that your business doesn’t take an unnecessary hit. 

Discuss your needs and requirements with our Office Removals Consultant who will project-manage your Dorset office move from beginning to end. We’ll devise a relocation that’s tailor-made to accommodate you and your personnel. We’ll arrange pre-move meetings so that everyone’s apprised of all the right details and we’ll work out all the necessary packing and labelling details as well as looking into health and safety issues on your behalf. We can also execute IT migration so that you’re up and running fast. 

We know that there are precious few moments for you to arrange your move when you’ve got so much more to do during normal business hours. We’re also aware that most companies do not have specific staff in place for arranging moving, something that’s true even of large companies with Facilities Management departments. That’s why we’ll bring our 140 years of experience to the table and help you from beginning to end, however large or small your business.

We have not only a large fleet of vehicles but also staff who specialise in office moves, and we’ll provide you with a competitive quote. In both our vehicles and the services we offer, we take considerable pride and we’ll bring you a standard of service that’s sometimes elusive when you look elsewhere.  

We’ll provide everything you need – from packing materials to crates and labels – and we can also do all the packing for you on request, at a time that suits you.