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Worldwide International Removals Dorset

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Worldwide International Removals Dorset

We’ll move you to wherever you’re going, long or short-haul

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Moving overseas, whether near or far, is different to domestic moving for reasons other than simply the distances involved and the varying degrees of journey time that need to be put in. There are other considerations. Chief among them is that packing has to be strategised and approached in a whole different way. That’s where we come in. We know the export requirements for things like furniture, and we pack it accordingly so that trouble is avoided further down the line. Padded export blankets and corrugated cardboard are just two of the materials we bring with us. Woods Removals has years of experience in moving clients abroad and our hard-won knowledge means we can give you the best service there is. For moves within Europe, our service is door-to-door and complete. Beyond the continent, we have trusted air and sea contacts who come into play at the right juncture so that even though third parties are involved, they act on our behalf and therefore the Woods Removals quality is maintained.

Our moving teams appreciate that relocating to a foreign country is a big thing, throwing up questions and issues the further into it you get. We can provide advice to get you through. We are experienced at international moves and we’ll offer you guidance and support during each stage of your journey. We know about the documentation requirements and we’ll also keep you appraised regarding the status of your shipments so that you can stay relaxed.

International Removals Dorset, Plus Professional Packing

Our international removals personnel are thoroughly trained and will ensure that your belongings are kept safe during the extra journey time by surface, sea and air necessitated by your move. At Woods Removals, we employ specialist, industry-standard bubble-craft packaging to keep everything in perfect condition for travel.

Flexible options designed to suit you

You tell us the constraints of your budget and deadline, and we devise a plan to fit. Talk to our International Removals consultant, who will supply advice and support to help you work everything out.

Container ship

Moving overseas can mean transporting vast amounts of goods. We can safely load them all into a 20 or 40-foot container made from steel. This will be sealed and taken to the port, ready for shipping. Once at their destination, the containers are cleared through customs and delivered to your home where we can do the unloading. It’s a direct service that provides the quickest transit, so it’s great for large quantities of belongings.

Shared Container (Groupage and Less than Container Load)

For smaller amounts of possessions, we can provide you with our shared container service. As the name suggests, you share the container space with other customers going to the same or a nearby destination. It’s cost-effective and you pay just for the space you need. Transit times are a little slower than when you use a non-shared container.

Air Freight

For items that you need ultra-quickly, airfreight fits the bill and gets you settled in your new abode promptly. It’s not cost-efficient for larger moves, because airfreight is more costly than sea shipment.

Temporary storage

If you need storage at certain points in your move, either here or abroad, let us help. Click here for further details.