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Short-Term Rental Management – How to Create a Second Income in Dorset

Posted on August 14, 2018 by Shaun Vallance
Short-Term Rental Management – How to Create a Second Income in Dorset

Over the last decade, there have been many changes in the business world where online technology improves more traditional industries.When the two converge successfully, a new business sector emerges that enjoys sustainable growth and increasing popularity. And you won’t find a more viable way to start your own business venture than in short-term property rentals.

With websites likes Airbnb, it’s now possible for anyone with good business sense and an available property to enter the market. The main thing to remember is to choose your partner companies wisely. Woods Removalsworks with several landlords, all who have experience in short-term rentals. That’s why we’re Dorset’s favourite for business removals and storage.

How to Start Your Own Short-Term Rental Career –

Although there is a fair amount of work involved when starting any new enterprise, the advantages of short-term rentals make it a viable option. Firstly, it’s an excellent source of revenue for people seeking a second income. It’s possible to do this part-time if you outsource the management. If you want to be more hands-on, it can also be a new career choice.

And with regards to entering the market, all you need is a property and some willingness. There will need to allocate time for research and funds for property maintenance. In addition, some professional photos of your home are a requirement for all online short-term rental platforms. In that respect, you should also write or outsource to have some copy ready.

Airbnb is the go-to website for short-term online rentals. Their team are very active with new clients, and they will assist you throughout your application. It’s in their interests to have your property’s profile ready to attract customers, as they take a fee to host you on their platform. So, do your research and learn to navigate the site.

Focus on what the asking price is for similar properties to yours. You’ll need to draft a business plan, however basic, to ensure you make a profit. Write down all your starting costs and additional ones you’ll incur. Then, you’ll need to decide if you’re taking on the landlord duties, or you’re outsourcing them to a management company or agent.

The Advantages of Using Storage and Man & Van Services –

Even if you decide to outsource your management, you will still be in charge of the maintenance of the property and furniture. That means working out what you want to leave in your house or apartment for future guests, and items that you’d prefer to remove before they arrive. And that means finding suitable storage space.

Woods Removals has excellent storage facilities at our branch in Dorchester, and we work with several landlords. It’s wise for you to partner up with us, so you have a storage unitfor your new enterprise. Most of our landlords use our Man & Vanservice to collect any furniture and items they don’t want their guests to use. And they have everything transported to their storage unit.

Although some landlords have a warehouse or commercial property space for storage, most don’t due to high rental costs. Renting a self storage unit is far cheaper than commercial rental prices, and there is no lease to worry about. Our Man & Van service comes with two Woods Removals team members, meaning you don’t have to do any heavy lifting. We do the gritty work for you.

Another new trend for people who rent self storage units from us is alternative workspaces. Storage units can be multipurpose spaces for any sole proprietor. You can store your furniture on one side and have a desk at the other for admin. With a minimal effort, you have yourself a base of operations for your short-term rental enterprise.

Woods Removals – We’re Number One for Businesses in Dorset –

Woods Removalsis the number one choice for business owners in Dorchester and Dorset. We work with landlords every week and understand what their requirements are. For us, removals and storage services should be flexible, and we have this ethos for every client we work with. We cater for just about every business sector at our Dorchester facility.

Woods has a range of business packagesto suit everyone’s individual needs. Our focus is on customer service, which means matching your requirements with the correct service. The Woods team are always available to assist you, should you need some additional support.

If you’re thinking of a new career or you are pondering sources of second income, you’ll find the short-term rental market easy to enter. It’s not an easy option, but you’ll be able to see a quick turnaround on any investments you make.

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