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Storing garden furniture and garden cushions

Posted on September 19, 2023 by Shaun Vallance
Storing garden furniture and garden cushions

Once the winds and rain sweep in, it doesn’t matter how Indian the summer has been the tide turns for Autumn.  Getting the garden ready for winter is a process, but now that the likelihood of lounging outside and evening meals in the twilight is fading, it’s time to get on it with your garden furniture.  There is nothing worse than watching the joys of summer furniture grow dirty and mouldy with the onslaught of rain and wind that drives us all generally indoors. While there is still some sun, take advantage of it to dry out garden furniture ready for storage. 

As experts in removals and storage in Dorset, we recommend taking extra care with storing garden furniture cushions, and here are a few of our tips. 

Table of Contents

1.Storing garden cushions 

  • Garden cushion materials
  • Outdoor storage 
  • Indoor storage 

2. Preparing cushions for storage

  • Dry, clean, brush 
  • Removing mould 
  • Pack cushions for storage
  • Storing garden furniture for winter

3. Storage solutions for garden furniture 

4. Woods – removals and storage in Dorset 

Storing garden cushions 

  • Garden cushion materials 

Garden cushions have come a long way in the last years. Whether you have polyester canvas or olefin fabric covers, they are still going to be worth taking care of.  The main enemy in the UK regarding garden cushions is going to be water, but there are ways of maximizing the waterproof nature of your cushions, see this guide on garden cushion materials.  Whatever your investment in your outdoor leisure areas, you will want to make sure they are in mint condition for the next summer seasons activities.  Cushions contain foam, either compressed fibre or standard foam. If the foam begins to gather mould and fester over the winter, your cushions are going to depreciate quickly, and they are not easy to recycle items. It is best to maintain and preserve them for many other summers to come. You can avoid taking garden furniture cushions to landfill by preserving them through storage year after year. 

  • Outdoor storage 
  • Outdoor storage spaces like purpose boxes, sheds, or garages are good places to store your out-of-season garden furniture and cushions. 
  • Outdoor storage benches are a stroke of genius in exterior design.  Cushions for benches can be stored in the boxes of the bench. Designed with weatherproof materials you will have a slick storage space included within the seat. 
  • Storage bags – If you are packing the cushions away to store in a garage or shed you can seal them into zipped bags, or large vacuum bags to protect them from moisture and dirt in the environment.  Essentially, aim to store them in dry places away from rodents and sealed in their own bag. 

Preparing cushions for storage 

  • Clean, brush, and dry 

Your cushions must be dry before storing so use the sunshine as best you can.  You can clean your cushions by brushing them down and then working into them with a soapy solution.  Hose them down, squeeze the excess water out, and leave them to dry in the sun or a well-ventilated and dry area. 

  • Remove Mould 

 If mould has built up, you will want to remove the mould before cleaning and drying.  Using a bleach spray (1 part bleach to 3 parts water) can help to halt the mould in its tracks. You may need to use gloves and scrub into the areas affected before rinsing the whole cushion again.  If you prefer to use water and vinegar in equal parts you can spray this on for 30 minutes before rinsing.  When using bleach take care of your skin and stay outside for ventilation. 

  • Packing for storage 

Depending on the sizes of your cushions and your storage space you will adapt accordingly. However, it is good to know that if you have any old towels or sheets, they can be used here to wrap your cushions up for storage.  Similarly, having cardboard sheets in between your stored garden cushions can help them keep their structure while in storage.  Avoid cramming cushions into a small space as they will lose their shape over time. Seal the vacuum bags or plastic boxes to ensure that they will keep out moisture and protect their contents. 

  • Waterproof garden storage bags 

 Maybe your garden cushions are not all waterproof and so are at risk from moisture in the air.  Investing in a waterproof garden storage bag will mean the whole collection are protected with this handy item.  For insight into the best ones on the market go here. Having several of these bags can help you organize all your garden furniture cushions into one easy storage space.

  • Storing away garden furniture for winter 

Depending on the material of your garden furniture, you may also want to bring it out of the elements over the winter.  Metal chairs that could deteriorate may be better overwintering under a shelter out of the wind and rain. Any chairs with wood and canvas are best stored inside after being thoroughly dried out before storage. Fire pits can be covered for winter, or again brought into a more sheltered spot while they are out of use. Organise the hoses and watering systems for dormancy in winter. Just make sure to leave the birdbath out, our feathered friends don’t have the same luxuries as we do. 

Storage solutions for garden furniture 

If you want to store away the whole furniture set to be sure it is in mint condition for next year you may want to consider placing it in a storage container, particularly if you have other items to store in addition.  Summer watersports passions can lead to a lot less space in a garage or shed, and that is when having a local storage solution can be a great help.  Our Man and Van team can drive out to you, collect your items for storage, and redeliver them back to you when it is time to set the summer scene again.  For local businesses, we can assist with swift office moves, archival storage for businesses, and providing containers for trade self-storage. While we have been in the removal trade for over 160 years, we also specialize in providing competitive storage solutions to Dorset. 

Woods – removals and storage in Dorset 

Our family business spans centuries and of course, things change, but we can claim to have always kept our customers happy. Even now, Google will vouch for that as you can see here. When it comes to keeping calm in a moving crisis, we are the professionals who can steer you through into clear waters and new horizons. If you are moving house, office, or going overseas, we can be the dream team for your next step in life. Let the Master Removers of Dorchester step in and ensure you plain sailing, whatever the weather, or the season.  In the meantime, as they say, chop wood and carry water. This translates as, store your garden cushions well this autumn and everything will fall into place.