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Adapt your garden in Dorset to grow vegetables 

Posted on April 16, 2023 by Shaun Vallance
Adapt your garden to grow vegetables 

Dorset has a great history of farming, with a lot of growing enthusiasm for the future of farming in Dorset.  While people appreciate locally grown food more and more, pubs and restaurants in the area aim to deliver organic and local produce.  Throughout Dorset, there are excellent farm shops to source local produce and many farms which will deliver to your door. However, you can make sure you keep your best produce even closer to home, saving in food costs and developing your garden to be more self-sufficient.  Traditionally, there was often a kitchen garden where people grew their most essential fruits and vegetables, but trends changed with the advent of cheap supermarket fruit and vegetables.  Now times are changing again, and food cultivation is back in vogue. Whatever the size of your garden, here are some ways you can adapt your garden to easily grow vegetables. 

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