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How to avoid house-moving mistakes

Posted on October 28, 2016 by Shaun Vallance

Because we’ve been helping people move for such a long time, we’ve seen the mistakes people make. In fact, we’ve often been instrumental in helping them unpick the bad decisions and get their moves back on track. There are few moving problems we haven’t encountered and in particular we’ve seen the ones that crop up and recur time and again. Here are the main errors of judgment we’ve known people to make. By flagging them up here, it is our hope that no one need every make these mistakes again.

  1. Not researching removals companies sufficiently. Too often, people choose their moving company quickly and blithely, with barely any research or hard questions. Consequently, they end up in the hands of fly-by-night, rip-off merchants who are uninsured. Their precious belongings are damaged in transit, time-keeping is shockingly poor, there are hidden extras that only become apparent when it’s time to settle up, and the poor client feels, quite rightly, exploited and fooled. When you’re looking for your removal company, don’t work on the basis of simply accepting the cheapest offer. Spend a little more time doing research, reading reviews and seeing if the companies belong to an organisation like the BAR (British Association of Removers).
  1. Excessive amounts of packing. You might be taken with the idea of bringing everything you’ve ever owned to your new home. Not a good idea. Moving house is the perfect time for decluttering and it’s a missed opportunity if you don’t. Without foresight, you may get to your new home only to discover that some of your old furniture doesn’t fit or work in the environment. It’s so much better to give this proper thought before your move. You’ll also shave off some of the expense of your move if you take less stuff because it’ll reduce the packing/unpacking, loading/unloading times.
  1. Doing it all on your own. As your move approaches, you may be gripped by the notion that you can do the whole thing alone or with just a little help from a friend or two. It’s worth remembering that moving house is taxing. Carrying bulky furniture up and down stairs and hiring vans are just a fraction of the tasks you’ll be facing.