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Are You Thinking of Moving to Dorset Soon?

Posted on June 23, 2024 by Shaun Vallance
Are You Thinking of Moving to Dorset Soon?

Whether it’s the charm of a seaside city like Bournemouth, a smaller coastal town like Lyme Regis, an unspoilt market town along the lines of Bridport or a wilder stretch of coastline such as that around Eype, the appeal of the county of Dorset has been dramatically enhanced for many people after enduring more challenging living conditions in cities and larger towns.

If you’re considering a move to Dorset this year, you’re in good company. While it’s not as simple as a wish, your dream of living in Dorset can become a reality with the correct planning and foresight. The Woods Removals team will guide you through the process, helping you find the ideal place in Dorset.


  1. What are the Popular Residential Places in Dorset?
  2. Why are People Moving from Cities to Dorset?
  3. Tips for Finding Your Dorset Dream Home
  4. Local Services and Resources for New Residents
  5. Dorset Removals and Storage Services
  6. Using Google Reviews and Accreditation 

What are the Popular Places to Move to in Dorset?

Dorset is a treasure trove of diverse locations offering a unique lifestyle. From the retirement haven of Charminster to the seaside allure of Weymouth and the iconic cobbled street of Shaftesbury, there’s a place for every taste and lifestyle, sparking excitement and intrigue about the possibilities of your potential new home.


Bridport is a bustling market town with a thriving arts, culture and food scene. It’s close to the Jurassic Coast and, although it has plenty of its own amenities, it’s a short drive away from the bigger towns, like Dorchester. Along with Poole, famous for its natural harbour and beaches, it’s a good choice for young professionals.

Lyme Regis

Dorset’s coastal gem might be worth scouting if you’re looking for a fresh sea breeze. Lyme Regis is renowned for its scenic setting and plethora of outdoor activities, which is why many sun-seekers head here. You can read our in-depth article for people moving to Lyme Regis here.


Dorchester is a convenient, well-connected county town and a great option for families, partly because of its excellent reputation for schools. On the outskirts of Dorchester, you’ll find Poundbury, the new town with sweeping grandeur and old-fashioned charm, thanks to its regency-style architecture.

Best of the rest

This is just a tiny fraction of the beautiful places you can find in Dorset. Remember to investigate Christchurch, Southborne, Blandford Forum, Charminster and Ferndown. Regardless of which stunning part of Dorset you move to, the Woods Removals team can provide a hassle-free relocation.

Why are People Moving to Dorset?

As we’ve already seen, the pandemic and cost-of-living crisis ushered many people out of the capital and the country’s other big cities in search of larger properties. Many cite how difficult the various lockdowns were without adequate outdoor space available for inner-city dwellings and how gardens might have made their lockdown experience less gruelling, particularly if they have children.

Several years later, people still yearn for better spaces, and freedom has only intensified, providing a reassuring and confident backdrop to your decision to consider a move to Dorset. Similarly, rising utility bills and other costs make life in urban centres less affordable and stressful.

Noisy streets with cramped living conditions no longer seem a price worth paying to be able to live in London. Young, upwardly mobile professionals, families, and retirees are increasingly looking for countries that can give them a life with fresh air and plenty of room. Dorset has the advantage of being on the coast, too.

Moreover, choosing a location within a manageable commute from London enables professionals to retain their jobs and live elsewhere. That means enjoying the best of both worlds, where you can earn a high salary and lower your living and property costs.

Finding Your Property in Dorset

After those hellish last few years, it is no wonder people are eager to find their Dorset dream home. While in-person viewings offer a first-person perspective of properties, it’s only sometimes possible to attend. That’s why more real estate agencies are utilising innovative virtual viewings and pre-recorded walkthroughs.

Regardless of which you opt for, you’ll save time by contacting some estate agents in Dorset before considering viewings. Before that, start piecing together a budget and your must-haves in a wish list. You’ll then send your requirements to prospective agents so they can set aside suitable properties and filter the rest out.

Some people take a different approach and rent a place in their desired location before buying. This often helps those who need to sell their current property but have yet to be ready to make a commitment. They rent somewhere in the county first, so you’re suitably placed to get fully acquainted with the area before you put down roots.

Consider all your options by looking at new developments and renovation properties. You can also research government-backed housing schemes and fixer-up buildings to add to your long list. First-time buyers should read this blog for tips for getting onto the property ladder.

Local Services and Resources for New Residents

We’ll provide an overview of the types of information new Dorset residents find helpful. You’ll have fewer issues settling in, so read this now and start researching the various resources and community information.


Dorset has a county council that covers core services like tax, education and many others. The district councils have jurisdiction over local services like waste collection, environmental health and leisure services.


Dorset has one NHS county hospital and various smaller hospitals and healthcare facilities throughout the region. You can find your local GP surgery here when you move to your desired location in Dorset. There are NHS and private healthcare providers available – check directly to see what options are available.


The first place to check is Dorset Council’s website for all child and young adult education institutions. It has complete listings of all the area’s preschools, primary and secondary schools, and, correspondingly, all higher education, vocational training, university institutions, and adult education courses.

If you’re moving to Dorset with a young family, read our in-depth article about this here.


Trust a Trader and Which? Trusted Traders offers accreditation for tradespeople in Dorset. Dorset Council also provide advice and referrals for reputable traders in the county to ensure higher service standards for consumers.


While Dorset doesn’t contain cities, you’ll still find larger supermarkets and shopping centres. You can find the notable ones here – most of the market and seaside towns have a mixed presence of chain companies and independent local traders.

Sites like TripAdvisor can help you find the best places to eat and drink. Visit Dorset has an impressive range of resources and information valid for visitors, house hunters, and residents alike.

Dorset Removals and Storage Services

It’s almost impossible to move house without requiring a removal company. People have often learned the hard way that doing it on their own leads to damaged possessions, patchy insurance, and exhaustion. At Woods, we can bring the better part of two centuries of experience to your move—decades upon decades of expertise far more than our competitors.

We know the county of Dorset exceptionally well. We will ensure we chart the most efficient course from A to B to get your belongings to your property as quickly and efficiently as possible. Learn more about our large removals (three-bed properties and up), man & van removals (smaller houses and flats), and business and international services.

We’ve helped many people move to Dorset in the last year, and most of them find that our storage services are an asset to their moving experience. Our four varieties of storage are domestic storage, metal container storage, commercial archive storage, and a facility for large loose items. People moving house usually find that our domestic and container storage are the kinds most complementary to their overall needs.

Using Your Reviews to Improve Customer Service 

With many removal and storage companies, choosing the right one can take time and effort. Previously, people would seek recommendations from family, friends and colleagues or flick through the phone book and hope for the best. Luckily, things have evolved and improved since then, and everything is available online.

Google has revolutionised how we find information and services, but its independent rating system is a game changer for consumers. Every company with a live Google presence is subject to review, meaning customers can have their say on the service they receive. A good starting point is only considering businesses with an average of 4.5 or higher – this gives you a better chance of excellent customer service.

Next, check if the prospective moving companies have proper accreditation or a quality policy. Woods Removals has a robust internal quality control management system allows us to receive feedback and implement changes where necessary. We read everything you give feedback us on, whether via Google Reviews, telephone calls, or emails.

Although we’re delighted by your overwhelmingly positive experience with Woods, we don’t ignore criticisms or suggestions. Indeed, some of the alterations and changes we’ve made to our services are precisely because you brought the ideas to our attention. With your help, Woods gets better every day, year, decade and century.

Woods Removals – Your Stress-Free Dorset Moving Company

Moving to a new home can be daunting, but it mustn’t be overly stressful. Working with a reliable removal and storage company like Woods Removals puts you in a hassle-free zone. We’ll be with you at every stage, including planning and unpacking the last box.

Our customers know they have the peace of mind to delegate more tasks to us, leaving them to get on with other pressing matters—and there are plenty of them. Our articles section has many free tips and a moving checklist to help you on the right track.

Click here to begin a free assessment, and we’ll send you a no-obligation quote. We’ll happily review our range of services and pitch in with questions about Dorset.