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Tips for Home Renovation Work in Dorset

Posted on February 17, 2020 by Shaun Vallance
Tips for Home Renovation Work in Dorset

If your ambition is to one day move into a bigger house, you might find that it’s too expensive to consider any time soon. For people who have young families, this can mean cramping everyone into smaller living spaces until you manage to save enough money. However, there are other options to deal with this issue, such as purchasing a property at auction to develop.

At Woods Removals, we are the ideal partner to help realise this project, should you go down this route.

Top Tips for Renovating a Property in Dorset –

Make lots of space in a new property – Before you start renovating your house, you’ll need to create as much space as possible. It’s difficult to work if you try to keep your possessions in the rooms you’re working on. And it can become tiresome to move everything into a different place repeatedly. The best way to do this is to use storage for the period of your renovations.

Clean thoroughly before work begins – You need to give your home a thorough clean, from top to bottom. If you don’t think you have time to do this correctly, it’s worth considering hiring a professional cleaning company to make your house or apartment spotless. There is nothing worse than painting on dirty surfaces because it ruins the paintwork.

Repair damage to walls and surfaces – You should also repair any damage to the walls and wooden surfaces. It’s the ideal opportunity to fill in those unsightly holes. And if the gaps are too significant to repair with wall filler, you’ll need to hire a plasterer. If you have wooden surfaces that need some work, sand them down with an orbital sander.

Cost out the project in detail – If you are undertaking a significant renovation, it’s always advisable to have someone work with you who has site management skills. You will also need to seek planning permission from your local authority. Additionally, a significant renovation job might benefit from using a professional builder. It will add to your costs, but you need to factor in the time you’ll save and the improvement to the standard of work.

Other Things You Need to Know Before you Start House Hunting –

Finding a fixer-up property takes a bit more research than you’d expect. Unfortunately, Nick Knowles is unlikely to whisk you away to find Dorset’s hidden gems. The onus is on you to forage and dig out some potential buildings to renovate. And it’s worth remembering that the condition of the property needs some thorough investigation.

You’ll need to visit places where you think would have the right development properties. If you see any dilapidated buildings that might work for your project, you can get the details from the local authority. They usually include the property owner’s information; you can try to contact them to discuss what state the building is in.

Even though you’re buying a run-down building to fix up, some aspects might cause a severe cash flow problem. Things like faulty wiring, extensive damage to the central water, sewage and gas pipes, and sinking foundations represent massive costs. Make sure you understand this before you buy; otherwise, you’ll find your budget disappears into thin air.

You should also consider getting an estate agent to take your criteria and contact you if anything becomes available. Sometimes people are looking for a quick sale and are willing to reduce the asking price significantly to achieve this. It will be easier to check for any major problems by using an estate agent.

Auction houses are an excellent way to get cheaper properties, but it’s not always clear what sort of issues the property might have. You should contact the auction house to see what details are available for each property. Although you stand to land a promising deal for a home to fix up, you might find major flaws later.

Woods Removals – Dorset’s Best Removals and Storage Company –

At Woods Removals, we work with thousands of people every year. And we have many customers who use us to assist with their renovations. We have a range of services that a lot of professional property developers and interior designers book us for. Our team are experts in removals and storage, and many have previous trade experience as well.

A lot of our customers tell us that they found it difficult to afford a mortgage for larger properties. That’s why renovating a fixer-up property becomes a viable path to becoming a homeowner. If you need additional labour for your project, you can use our Man & Van service. This includes the assistance of two members of the Woods team. You will have use of our vehicles which is handy for collecting materials and transporting equipment.

Woods Removals calls Dorset our home, and we’re always happy to talk to people who are planning a renovation project. Please contact us to discuss anything related to your renovation project in Dorset.