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Using a Home Inventory App when Relocating

Posted on February 5, 2019 by Shaun Vallance
Using a Home Inventory App when Relocating

If you’re moving to a new house or apartment, you certainly have plenty of work ahead of you in the coming weeks and months. The best way to approach any significant task is to start planning early. This will make things much easier for when your moving day arrives. It’s also a good idea to get rid of stuff you don’t use as you pack. You’re starting a new life in a new village, town or city and you should only take the things you need.

No matter how big or small the number of items is, you need to make an inventory so that you know precisely what possessions you have. You can now download an app for your Android or Apple where you can save each item. There are loads of apps to choose from; most are cheap or free to download. You can make your first action point to download a home inventory app and have a test of its features. Then, your second task should be to contact Woods Removalstoo book relocation.


Best Home Inventory Apps for 2019 –

Sortly– for people who are using a home inventory app for the first time, Sortly is a safe bet because it does everything. You can create several main folders with multiple subfolders. This allows you to save each item per location, i.e., what room it belongs to. It’s also possible to store a lot of information per item.

MyStuff – you can store an incredible amount of information for each item you save in this inventory. Rather than entering the product information manually, it’s possible to scan its barcode to initiate an entry. This is an iOS application, and it comes in two versions: The Lite version is free, but your limit is fifteen items. The full version has more features and would be worth the purchase cost for people with lots of possessions.

Magic Home Inventory– this app allows you to organise your home inventory across several properties and break down each separate inventory by room, listing each item’s location along with a description and photo. The app’s advanced search feature helps you locate items quickly, and you can manually backup your list to another storage location.

Nest Egg– this app is the best choice for individual item data. You can take detailed photos per item including its barcode, purchase date, expiry date and return purchase dates for new products. You can create a log for when you loan out items to family of friends, and it’s possible to export your full inventory lists to save or print.


Other Tips for Moving to a New House –

It’s essential that you start getting things in order now, rather than putting things off for another day.

List everything you need to do in order to move to your new home and then work out how much time you have until the moving day. By doing this, you will be able to see how many weeks and months you must get everything done by.

Your first task is the easiest but most important one you’ll make for your relocation – booking with Woods Removals. It’s crucial that you only use a reliable removals company with a strong reputation. And It’s also important that they deliver the highest standard of removals service for affordable prices. Fortunately, you only need to book with Woods Removals to receive this level of customer service.

Packing up your possessions usually happens closer to the final week before you move. However, you can start to get rid of any clutter now. Then you can either undertake the packing yourself or liaise with our expert team to do the work for you. Woods Removals employs the very best people with decades of removals and trade experience.


Woods Removals – We’re the Best Choice for Your Upcoming Relocation –

Woods Removalsmoves hundreds of people and businesses every week in Dorset. We’re the number one company for removals and storage in Dorset and the neighbouring areas. From your first call to us, we’ll take you through our services to help you match them with your requirements. That’s because our number one aim is to provide the best customer servicepossible at affordable rates.

The Woods Removals teamhave expert-level knowledge of the area. We plan every relocation job using the best times to avoid any traffic, and we know every route to ensure that we provide the most efficient and professional removals service available.

Woods has a range of removals and storage servicesto suit everyone’s individual needs. Our focus is on customer service, which means matching your requirements with the correct service. The Woods team are always available to assist you, should you need some additional support.

Before you start to organise your relocation, you should download a home inventory app to log all your possessions. The next thing you should do is contact us, and we’ll provide you with a free quote for your relocation.