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Woods Removals – The Best Storage in Dorchester and Dorset

Posted on October 11, 2018 by Shaun Vallance
Woods Removals – The Best Storage in Dorchester and Dorset

There are times where we look around our home or at work and realise that space is becoming an issue.It tends to happen slowly without us realising it. Then, when we fill our house or office with more things, we begin to struggle to find somewhere to store them. That usually means filling up the garage or warehouse with boxes and containers. Before you know it – even those spaces are full to the brim, and we’re considering getting more containers to balance on top.

You then face a choice – get rid of as much as possible to look for a larger property. However, it’s possible to keep your possessions and create more space at home or the office. By using Woods Removals storage facilities, you’ll be able to instil some semblance of order and keep your belongings. It’s an affordable way to improve your work or living spaces without moving to a larger, more expensive house or building.

The Advantages of Using Storage in Dorset –

When most people think of storage, they don’t see any immediate benefits that would make it worth their while. Even though the mountain of boxes and containers in the garage is swaying unsteadily. The first advantage of storage in the space it creates in your house or apartment. You can fit an entire flat’s worth of possessions I not a fifty-square-foot storage unit. That will easily cover the loft or garage.

This means that storage is ideal for people with smaller houses and apartments, which might have limited or no storage spaces. If you’re not able to move to a larger property, you can use storage to create more living space. By the time you move things across to your storage unit, your apartment will feel like a home where you can finally put your feet up.

WH Cox & Son caters for hundreds of businesses in Dorchester and all over Dorset. We even have business owners who continue to use our facilities when they relocate to a neighbouring county. Our storage packages are affordable and flexible, which makes it easier for businesses to find the right service for their needs.

Choosing a Reliable and Reputable Storage Provider –

The internet makes it much easier to check out potential companies before you book their services. This means it’s easier than ever to work out if they provide the right service. Additionally, you can gauge the quality of their services by looking at their Google Live rating.

On rating platforms like Google Live and Trustpilot, previous customers can leave a mark out of five, as well as a comments section. The company then receives a combined average rating, and you can read what people say about the service they received. Woods Removals is a five-star company, which is one of the reasons we have loyal customers and many new ones every month.

Customer service is the cornerstone of our company, and every storage and removals job we work on is done to the highest standard. That’s what makes us Dorchester’s favourite storage company. We rely on word of mouth referrals, and people often use us after a family member or friends recommend us.

Woods Removals – We’re Dorchester and Dorset’s Number One for Storage –

Woods Removals works with hundreds of domestic and business customers for storage every month. We treat everyone as individuals with specific and unique needs for storage. Additionally, we assess whether they would benefit from the other removals services we provide. It’s crucial that we understand our customers so that we can match their requirements exactly.

Storage offers an additional level of security against theft or damage that most houses and commercial properties can’t. Even with the most recent alarm systems, they are often just a deterrent to would-be thieves. And one aspect that we tend to overlook is that our homes and the building we work in aren’t built to withstand the elements. Damp can creep in through loose tiles and poor insulation.

By renting a storage unit with WH Cox & Son, you are safeguarding your possessions or work equipment. You’ll also be creating a lot more space at home or in the office, for an affordable price. Our team always suggest and help create an inventory of the items you store, so you’ll know where everything is.

Woods Removals offers the best storage and removals services in Dorchester and Dorset. Contact us today to speak to one of our friendly staff about your storage requirements.